An Ugly Day, The Homeschool Way

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!  This is the problem with Holidays – coming back to ‘real life’.  I just sent Kiki upstairs for a 10 minute ‘recess’ with the order given to "find a better attitude while you’re up there"….sheesh.   It’s days like this I think about getting a job and sending her off to some lovely private school…hmmm, maybe boarding school……
Maybe it’s me…maybe I need to see my doctor about a different medication….I’ve been off my Prozac for almost a month, and "happiness" wise, I feel great.  Really!  But the problem now seems to be twofold:  #1 – I have no patience.  As you can imagine, this can make homeschooling a bit difficult.  #2 – I often feel on the edge of a panic attack.  I’ve never had one, but I feel very close somedays…like, yesterday, coming home from our trip…I couldn’t find my glasses… I was afraid I’d let them fall off my lap and outside of the car on our last "pitstop" – I was going into panic mode – poor Alan, he pulled off to the side of the highway on the uphill climb of a snowy mountain pass to help me search the car for them.  I was correct, they’d fallen off my lap (a stupid place for them, I know) but fortunately they fell on the left side, down between the seat and the console, rather than on the right side and out of the car….but I was practically freaking out…. urgh.
Well, the 10 minutes is almost up…guess we’ll try to give school another go…..

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