Hey!  Thanks for coming by!

WHERE I CAME FROM:    I was blogging forever (okay, just over 4 years) on a blog hosting place called “Windows Spaces Live”.   It was – shall we say – not the best-ever place for how a blog looks, but it was the beginning of my venture, so I had a good time anyway.  I met some great people… then most of them moved on to greener posting pastures, and life got weird, and I didn’t blog as much.  Then, “Spaces” decided to call it a day (no big surprise) and they “let” us move over to WordPress if we wanted to.  Which is cool, because I think WordPress is going to be a better place.

WHO I AM:   I’m Ann.  A wife (that’s good and bad, yeah?), a mom to an only (no, I didn’t do that on purpose!), a daughter, a sister.   I’ve been married for-ev-er, my daughter just became a teen (Heaven help me), I have one sister who I love but drives me nuts, and one who is living in Heaven now.  I love animals, creating stuff (and oftentimes messes), and mochas.  And pretty much any form of chocolate.

WHAT I’M DOING HERE:    If you figure that out, let me know, k?  I’m just blogging about whatever insanity comes into my head at any given moment, basically.  My life, in a nutshell.  I know, “THEY”  say to have a good blog you should pick a topic and stick to it.  Like, uh, politics (not happening) or babies (too old for that) cats (sometimes) or….. well, my topic is pretty much just “life-as-I-know-it” … maybe some of the stupid stuff that goes on over here might make you feel better about your own life.  Or at least let you know you are not alone in the mire!

I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I will be coming to you in a few short years — needing advice on how to survive the teen girl years! My daughter is only 8, yet she’s a total diva. I can only imagine…

    I look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Mikalee. And just so ya know, I’ll have no answers for you – in fact, I’ll probably be in an asylum somewhere… getting a well-deserved rest!

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