Happy ~Belated~ Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!   Belated though it may be!!  Hope it was wonderful!!
We travelled up to the Seattle area for Thanksgiving (to spend it with Alan’s family) and I didn’t have time to post beforehand to let you all know of our plans….dang husband getting home too early before I could get on here…..lol! 
Anyhow, we had a nice trip…even better than I expected.  Some other family members travelled up also, some we hadn’t seen in years.  We had fun.  We even got up and went shopping on Friday…I’ve never ever done that before.  Never wanted to.  But, it wasn’t super early, and we went to a rather hoity-toity mall – we used Valet Parking!! – so it wasn’t crazy or anything.  Our Thanksgiving meal was excellent, as my sister-in-law is an excellent cook.  We also went out to eat, like 3 times in 2 days….you can see why I haven’t started my diet yet!  
Cat  Care Disclaimer!!!!
I am afraid my last post may have given some of you ‘paws’ for concern…please believe me, we aren’t cat-haters or abusers by any means!!  Sure, the cat-hucking incident was regrettable and yes, stupid, (blame my hubby, please!)  but since no harm was done to any living creature, I chose to see the humor in it…as well as the potential for years of harrassing my husband about it!!   Just because we are mainly dog lovers, the cat is still a beloved member of our family.  We just have to remind ourselves to love him because of – or, in spite of – his ‘catness’, lol.   I am an Animal Lover Supreme, so he will not be harmed!!   Rest assured that he is in good hands, in a loving family…even if he is a cat!!  hahaha.
Speaking of the cat, he missed us terribly while we were out of town…he spent the first hour we were home running around the house like a whirling dervish, then spent the rest of the night (while I was in bed) walking across my head, flopping down on my face, and kneading my hair…while purring loudly.   I guess I didn’t need any sleep last night, anyhow.  I don’t know why, exactly, but I find cat purring very comforting.  I love when he lays right beside my head.  I could do without the hair kneading, though.
Well, Kiki needs my help with her schoolwork…guess I better go tend to my homeschooling responsibilities!  I took some cool pictures on our trip…I’ll try to post some later.

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  1. Ann,
    Your kitty reminds me of a kitty I had when my first child was born.  He also loved to be near my head and knead the long hair I had at that time.  Er…um…with 4 cats (used to have 5 before one got sick and we had to have him put to sleep…and he was the closest to me…broke my heart) you can see the reason I soooooooooo understand the temptation to NOT step away from the spray bottle…lol.  I had hoped my last comment would give you a chuckle and am so glad it did. 
    Your Thanksgiving sounded just wonderful… and I am so glad you had a break for a few days…not having to cook, visiting and shopping.   Homeschool families NEED to be able to get out and about like that…especially the teacher in the family.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures. 
    Love and hugs,

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