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I know why America has an obesity epidemic (Hint: It’s not from 24oz sodas)


I’ve been watching the news lately, far more often than I’d like due to my current living situation. This business about the – is it the mayor of New York? – (okay, obviously I watch the news without really paying attention!) anyway, the guy who wants to outlaw big sodas. Because that is going to make everyone suddenly thinner. Right.

Haven’t they  …”they” … been trying this? No more happy meals… no toys, anyway. Put nutritional info in the fast food stores.  Outlaw ‘supersizing’…. blah blah blah. And we are just getting fatter.

On the surface, sure, we are fat because we eat too much. It’s simple science… if you consume more calories than you burn, you get fat. Duh. Also, our processed foods, with all the chemicals and crap in them, are far worse than the “bad” foods our parents or our grandparents could chow down on if they were the sort to overeat.  But come on!! Do you really think that if you take away our soda we’ll get thinner??  As if I can’t buy soda at the grocery store and chug it down? I can honestly say, as an obese person, NONE of my weight is from sugary sodas. None. I don’t ever drink any soda but diet, and that only occasionally. So what’s my problem, huh? You are going to have to outlaw Ben and Jerrys, and cookies (homemade, so I guess you have to outlaw baking.)  Besides, how long have these items been in existance, and how long have we been so fat? Do you really think the problem is the food??  Geez. 

Maybe the problem is WHY we are eating so much. Why is a small soda, or one cookie, or a small serving of ice cream not enough? Think about that for awhile. Do you know? Do ya?

Okay, I will tell you what I think. (and as an obese person, with heavy friends, I think I’m qualified to tell you) We are freakin’ depressed. We are a nation of unhappy, unfulfilled humans, and we are cramming ourselves full of anything, anything, to try to get some satisfaction. Don’t believe me? Why do you think that even in this crappy economy, when so many of us are unemployed or underemployed that spending hasn’t gone down? Because some of you – instead of overeating – are satiating your needs with the junk you buy instead of the junk you eat. You know who you are – you look better on the outside than I do, but you are as unhappy and empty as I am. But maybe your shelves and your closets are fat.  Why do you think more poor people are fat than the wealthier folks? Because we can’t afford to buy nice stuff, or to try to make ourselves happy by a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant… so we ‘fill our needs’ with junk food. Because even tho I have very little money, I usually have enough for a candy bar.

Think about it. The farther our society gets from God… from living the right way … for Him, f0r other people, for our families, for our spouses and our children, from having people treat us right because we are unselfish and place others first…. I mean, when my husband is a jerk, I head for the pantry. When I feel like I have no friends, I always have the food.  On and on it goes.  Have you ever found yourself shopping for housewares when your home is full to the brim?  Or buying a new outfit when you have brand-new items in your closet that you will probably never wear? How many purses do you own? How many cats do you have??

We are looking for fulfillment. We are looking for relationship, for acceptance, for love. When we don’t find it in the right place, we try to find it in the wrong places… sex, drugs, stuff, food. Until we figure out how to get ourselves on track, to love ourselves for who we are without needing the acceptance of the other humans around us, until we ask the Lord to fill us up, to be our sufficiency, our fulfillment, we are going to be fat. No matter how much soda the government takes away.

I hate to admit this, but…. I like The Hunger Games. Books and the movie.


My husband started reading the series as well. Got involved to the point that we didn’t want to wait to get the book from the library (I was about 200-something on the waiting list for book 2) so we ended up buying the boxed set of books.  Yeah. We are that crazy.  I ended up reading the last book in one day – I got so caught up in it – not to mention it’s pretty stressful to read – that I just wanted to be done! I liked books 2 and 3 better than the 1st; not sure if they’re better or if I was just hooked.

Then we went to see the movie. Opening night, midnight premier, of course.  With Kiki and friends all dressed up like characters from the books. Of course.

The movie is exhausting. The way they filmed it really sets the mood. I found it hard to watch, but good. Actually the book series was exhausting as well, in my opinion. Because it’s a really dark story.  But one that needs to be told. All in all, I’m glad I got sucked in.

If the USA (and maybe the whole world) is going to hell in a handbasket – should I really waste time trying to lose weight??


I think there is too much news-watching and political-talk-show watching going on around my house.  Seriously.  Because it seems like everyone around here is talking about how this is the end of life as we know it and related horrid stuff.  Which I really don’t want to hear. Or think about.  You know, I have really been hoping our business is going to take off and we will eventually make more money, get to have our own home, finally take our kid to Disneyland (for the first time in her 14 years…) You know, that we can go back to living the American Dream.  So, what if that’s never going to happen?  What if the crazies down on Wall Street succeed in turning our country into some socialist/communist country?  (Even tho every one of those people I have heard interviewed doesn’t even seem to know what they’re doing down there… just a bunch of unhappy morons.) Or we have to live as Muslims? Or China takes us over in some military coup or something?

I don’t try to worry about this crap.  I try to thinkhappy thoughts of how my life is going to turn around one day, and I will quit being miserable (Yeah, I know, it’s a state of mind.  I moved out of that state.) or, at least, I will live in my own home with my own stuff and be slightly happier.  But what if the paranoids are correct?  What if our country has only got 15 or so more years before we go down the drain, as other countries have?  What does that mean to my child?  That she’ll never have a good life? 

I don’t know why this is upsetting me so much, except maybe because I am so unhappy about my life situation right now, and the one thing that makes me feel a little better is sweet, sweet sugary food, and yet I am trying so hard to give that stuff up so I won’t be all fat and unhealthy.  So that , when life turns around and gets better I will look better! But what if that’s never gonna happen?  Should I just keep eating, and therefore feeling happy in those brief, sugar-filled moments?

Sigh.  Some pundit is on TV as I write, and I just don’t want to hear it.  I think I will leave the house.  And maybe go buy a donut.

Global day of prayer for Burma: the Karen people


The city where I go to church is listed as a “soft landing site” for refugees.  I don’t know why, or what criteria is set up for this.  In fact I can’t really tell you exactly what that means!  It just is.  As such, we have a lot of interesting immigrants coming into our area.  At our particular church we have a large group of people from the Burma/Thai border called the “Karen” (kuh-rin).  I think they come to us because they are Christian immigrants; also, our pastor was over there working for them…gosh, 30+ years ago.  So he knows them, knows their hisory.  They are a very persecuted people; they’ve been subjected to ethnic cleansing by the Burmese since sometime in the 1940’s. 

Well, I’m not gonna get all political on you…. I don’t know too much about the whole deal except that I believe it’s certainly wrong to try to wipe an entire group of people off the face of the earth. 

One guy from their group got up and sang a worship song in their native tongue.  It was pretty cool.

State of the Union Address


This is me.  Cranky.  Chewin’ on my own self ’cause I am so hungry.

Holey crap.  They’re all watching it.  Opa, Oma, Alan.  Not me, though.  Not Kiki.  Ugh, booooring.  I know, I should be more of a grown-up, eh?  Sorry, but I don’t care for our current POTUS.  And it has nothing to do with his genetics.  It’s his politics I don’t care for.  And this is NOT a political blog, so don’t be leaving me nasty comments on why he is the best ever.  We just have to agree to disagree.  And it’s my blog and I don’t have to put up with it – ha!  Okay, I’ll admit it… tonight I am sick, we just started a new diet so I’m hungry, therefore I am cranky.  He’s probably not all bad.  Maybe.

What has irritated me – no, I’m not watching, but I can hear it! – is that he has said at least half a dozen times or more that “the current financial crisis is over”… the recession is over?  Really?  When did that happen??  Because it’s not over here.  Not where I live, not at all.  I guess he hasn’t been paying attention to my state.  Because we still can’t find jobs.  We still have to live with mom and dad.  We can still barely afford to put gas in our car.  The value of homes here is pathetic. 

Ah, dang.  If only I could have a cookie, I would feel much more optimistic!

Eeeeee!!! lection day

 As my friend Lizzie-beth reminded me (her blog is:  (because somehow I don’t understand how to just put her name in here and have that take you to her blog)
(KJV)  John 16:33  "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." 
Thank you for reminding me!!
So, regardless of the outcome of today’s election (and, here it is – I voted for McCain, but I think Obama is going to win) God is still in control.  He is in charge of my life.  Even if Obama wants to "redistribute the wealth" and the democrats think they should be in charge of my life… and my money…. and my child’s education…. and on and on…. but no!  The Lord is still on His throne!  Even when there are ridiculously ignorant people in our country like the woman they interviewed after she voted – for Obama – today who said "I never thought I’d see this day!  I’m never gonna have to work at putting gas in my car, or making my house payment….I help them out and they’ll help me out."  Seriously???!!!  Strange, I thought it was my job to work to have those things!  Guess the amazing socialist(Marxist?) government will now pay all my bills??  Dude, guess I’ve been playing for the wrong side?  Lol.  I don’t get some – a lot of – people.
In Other News:
It’s quite cold here today.  We’ve got snow in the foothills! 
Work is fun, but too slow.  Some weeks I’m bringing in less than I’m getting paid.  I don’t suppose they’ll keep me around too long if that keeps up!  I am now able to make the per-fect froth! It is seriously like whipped cream!  Yeah, I rock! 
Yesterday we gave Merry a bath because she rolled in something stank-eee.  We went to one of those "do it yourself" dog washes.  She was scared to death of going up the ramp to the washtub – I had to make Kiki go up into the tub before Merry would finally go on in!  Crazy dog.  She stood perfectly still as we bathed her, though.  Uhm, I think her fur is a couple shades lighter now – guess she really needed a bath, even without the stench!  
On The Job Front:
Alan has been turned down for yet another job.  Dang it.  This would be, uhm, I think job #2 from my last job-related post.  The "West Coast" job.  The only thing currently in the works is the Virginia job.  I am beginning to think that God wants us in Virginia!  I know Alan is feeling deflated, but I reminded him that our prayers have been for the Lord to only open one door.  To make our choice very clear to us.  "NO" is a pretty definate answer to that!  I just have to keep praying that soon there will be a "YES". 
Goober-Grape the cat ~
The cool decal on the back of my car ~

I agree ~

Goober cat just loves being in boxes!

Or bags…..

Weird stuff I do ~  I love to ‘recycle’ old bottles.  This makes Alan crazy.  Which is half the fun.