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Getting ready for a pirate (of the Caribbean) party! Awesome pirate flag/jolly roger cake


Kiki’s birthday is Sunday, and since her current obsession is Pirates of the Caribbean (or, more specifically, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner!) that is her party theme.

I really needed to not spend as much money on her party as I have in the past, (I tend to go a little crazy) so we scoured thrift stores and discount places for the things we needed… and did we luck out!  We found all kinds of stuff that looks like treasure and other piratey things.  Then we happened to have some other stuff in the storage unit (like dress-up jewelry) that we were actually able to find…  I am going to make a pirate sail, – a Black Pearl sail, of course!  – and if you can believe it, I actually found a black sheet at the thrift store!  How likely is that to happen??

So, the table is set…

(ignore the rubber bands on the top of the candleabra… I’m trying to ‘tweak’ it a bit…)

Then there is the cake.  It rocks!!  I did an amazing job, if I do say so myself. 🙂

I went the lazy route and used a (modified) cake mix, so of course it wanted to fall apart… unlike a good scratch-made cake… oh well. It worked.

Here was my inspiration ~

So I covered the cake first with buttercream icing:

Then fondant ~

added the details ~

put silver lustre dust on the coins ~

Pretty awesome, huh??!

Purple Victorian Haze


Victorian gothic clothing
$110 –

Gothic clothing
$60 –

Victorian shoes
$150 –

Victorian brooch

Victorian jewelry
$135 –

Diamante jewelry
18 GBP –

Stretchy glove
27 GBP –

To fashion a garden


Rodarte gathered skirt
$2,325 –

Maxime Simoens feather skirt
1.400 EUR –

Whit mini skirt
$148 –

Brian Atwood high heels
$649 –

Yves Saint Laurent high heels
610 EUR –

Calvin Klein ankle booty
$91 –

Satin clutch
105 GBP –

Satin clutch
105 GBP –

Sondra Roberts box clutch
$98 –

Frangos vintage cocktail ring
$99 –

Kaliko statement necklace
30 GBP –

Yves Saint Laurent cashmere scarve
400 GBP –

Dorothy Perkins green belt
6 GBP –

Silver Rain Fragrance La Prairie
$85 –

Hoppy Easter!


Easter Bunny with Jelly Beans
$7.95 –


brown rabbit

Great Easter pictures!

Cute Chicks