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Will flute lessons be the death of me?


Urgh.  Today is Kiki’s first flute lesson.  The problem?  I forgot to buy her lesson book.  I have this really bad issue lately of not being able to plan ahead at all.  I am barely capable of taking one day at a time.  Now, “one day at a time” might be a good mantra for dealing with the emotional stress of life, but it doesn’t work very well for getting things done

The dang flute has already cost me the better part of an entire month’s pay.  Granted, I work 10 hours a week, so I don’t exactly rake in the big bucks, but still, it’s all I have for any extras.  As you can imagine, “extras” this month have been slim to none.  I am already going to have to ask my mom if she’ll pay the whole lesson fee this month because I can’t afford my agreed-upon half.  Then the teacher emailed me the name of the lesson book Kiki will need.  Crap.  Of course she’ll need a book; I would’ve known that if I’d thought about it… but I didn’t.  Think.  Well, the teacher said they carry them at the same place we had the flute repaired, so since I waited to the last minute I made this great plan – swing by the music store on the way to lessons, no big deal.  And it is almost “on the way”.  The wrench in this “well thought out” plan?   The music store is open Tuesday thru Saturday.  This is Monday.  Crap.  So I’m looking in the phone book for any other near-by music store, and I find one that is as close to “on the way” as the other – yay!  Except when I call, they don’t have the book I need.  Crap. I make other calls, and I finally find the book – all the way across town.  Well, all the way across the next town over…  and Alan has given me strict instructions not to drive any extra miles for the next week and a half because we are broke broke broke.  And my car is a gas hog. Crap.

She has to have the book.  I am going to have to drive across town to get it.  Across two towns.  If I was lucky – and clearly, I am not  – Scott would be at work and he’d be none the wiser.  But no.  Of course this is his day off.  I hope he doesn’t ask too many questions… I am not going to offer up any more explanations than he directly asks for!