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It felt like serving drinks to an alcoholic


Which is wrong. Totally wrong. And that is how it felt today.

 See, I work in a little boutique clothing store (and if you knew me really well, you would be on the floor laughing hysterically right now.  Yeah. I am so not a fashionista; it’s really not the right job for me.) However, that’s not the point. We have this customer who is from, uhm, I can’t remember… an Eastern European country. She speaks very little English.  Anyway, I waited on her last week, and it was kind of weird… she paid in cash, removed all the tags right there at the counter, wouldn’t let me bag it, and didn’t want her reciept.  Well, it turns out she’s a shopaholic and a hoarder – her family has even staged an intervention of sorts (which, aparently, didn’t work).  Her husband cut her off financially, so she got a job, cashes her paychecks, and goes shopping. (We are a small, locally-owned store; we know stuff about our customers that other big, chain-store employees probably wouldn’t know!) Well, she came in again today.  She bought several items; paid cash, cut off the tags.  Picked up some more stuff; paid cash, cut off the tags, stuffed it all into a huge purse/bag thingie she also was buying.  This went on about half a dozen times, until she ran out of cash and started using the credit card.  You know, last time I just thought it was weird, but now that I know the story?  Well, it just seemed so wrong! I wanted to tell her “Please, just stop!  Just go home, quit spending money on this stuff!”  But, that isn’t my place, is it.  No, as much as I wanted to, my job is to smile and serve the customer.

What would you do?

The good, the bad, and the ~ really cute!! Jobs and Vera Bradley handbags


The good news is – I got a job.  The bad news is – I got a job.

See, I really need a job.  But I really don’t want a job – I mean, I have a job… it’s called a homeschooling mom, and it keeps me pretty busy.  Not to mention I am trying to learn new software for the business we are starting… Problem is, neither of those jobs pays much.  sigh

So – I have this friend who owns an upscale consignment clothing store, and she asked me if I’d like to work just a few hours per week.  She needs another employee, and she knows I need some pocket money, so I guess it works for both of us.  It’s good, because since she’s my friend she’s pretty willing to work me the hours that work for me (uh, never??) but on the downside, I’m making less per hour than I made 25 years ago…. so that’s depressing.  Besides, I am sooo not the fashion queen!  Since I quit working and got fat and old, I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.  Even, kinda worn out jeans and t-shirts. Because I hate shopping (for clothes; I love to shop for about anything else!) so I don’t generally buy something new ’til the old stuff falls apart.  Which won’t really work, ya think?  Today I bought 3 “new” shirts at the thrift shop so I can at least wear something different this week than what I wore last week (yeah, I really only had 4 shirts.  uhg).

But, here’s the beauty part!  She sells cute stuff, right?  And not just clothes – but hats, scarves, jewelry, and purses!!  I like accessories (you don’t have to be skinny for them!).  So last week, when I was not working, my mom and I took my daughter and one of the cousins shopping there…. they got some clothes, and I found this great Vera Bradley “peacock” bag!  I decided it will be my “summer vacation bag” because it has a strap long enough to go criss-cross over your shoulder and chest, and plenty big enough to pack around all the stuff I could possibly need. 

Vera bags were a huge deal in Virginia – everybody had one.  But I thought they were way to pricey for just fabric bags… the one I just bought originally retailed for around $60.00, which is silly, right?  But I got it for $20.00, and it looks like it’s was never used!   I was attracted to it because she’s got great, colorful fabrics. (it’s brighter than it looks in my pics)

So maybe my job won’t be all bad…..

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Arts and crafts ~ handpainted Narnia purse, Reepicheep the mouse


This is a canvas bag I handpainted for my daughter, the Narnia fan.  The cute little guy (although he’d be quite offended if he knew I was calling him that!) is Reepicheep, leader of the Talking Mice of Narnia.  Noble, brave, and maybe a little full of himself!  I painted this with fabric paints, then added some glitter, as my girl and I are all about the sparkle, lol.  On the back of the purse I wrote with permanent marker a quote from C.S. Lewis’s book The Last Battle, which is the final book from the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series.  Reepicheep is calling the others to come into “Aslan’s Country”, which is Heaven.  Reepicheep entered Aslan’s Country without experiencing death at the end of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.