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A stroll down Christmas Memory Lane – with a few potholes


I’ve been feeling bit “Scrooge-ish” lately… having a major lack of funds this time of year makes it hard to feel the “peace and joy” of the season.  So, I decided to spend a bit of time looking back for some of my best Christmas memories.

One of my happiest memories isn’t one particular event, but sort of a “state-of-being” that took place each year.  My dad has always had a workshop attached to the garage of our home.  He builds things; mostly out of wood.  He can also fix pretty much anything.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are hanging out with my dad, pounding nails into wood or some such activity.  I was welcome out there whenever I wanted to come… except at Christmas!  At this time of the year, we kids were banished – because daddy was out there making us something!  It was so exciting – wondering what in the world dad was putting together for us each year! Every year he made us something wonderful… the one thing I remember most clearly is the year he made me an easel to paint on.  It was two-sided, with holders on the bottom for holding my paints and brushes, and painted an antiqued gold.  It was beautiful, and I loved it!  There were lots of great gifts over the years, but that one was far and away my favorite.

Another great Christmas was the year my older sister and I decided my parents should have stockings for Santa to fill.  We girls always got lots of great stuff in our stockings, so why shouldn’t mom and dad get in on it?? We found some red and green checked fabric in mom’s sewing room to make stockings out of, courdoroy cuffs, and we cut out fabric letters to write “mom” and “dad” on them.  Oh-my-gosh those things were soooo cheesy!  And do you know, just this very year I convinced my mom to buy new ones?! Those suckers must be over 40 years old, and it’s not like we were amazing seamstresses!!

Stockings have always been a big part of my family’s Christmas celebration.  That first year my sister and I set an alarm clock so we could wake up after our parents had gone to bed, sneak out, and fill their stockings with all the goodies we’d bought.  It was awesome seeing their faces in the morning! From that year forward, every member of the family got a stocking… as we added husbands, they got stockings too.  Not just for children any more! Over the years it got too pricey or too much of a pain, I really don’t remember why… but we started drawing names. Of course, that meant each lady had two to fill, because men are lame! Lol.  Maybe I should’ve known that someday this would all come back to haunt me:  Today I spent about $35.00 apiece to fill 4 stockings! (dad’s, mom’s, Alan’s and Kiki’s). Yeah, that was pretty much my Christmas budget.  Now what do I do??

Well, I have another great Christmas story, but that’ll have to wait ’til next time 🙂