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Flu shots, football, and other foolishness


I don’t get football. I see no reason to watch it. A bunch of grown men running around playing a game that, sure, might be fun for them; but why do I want to watch it? Why would I care? How would it affect my own life? Just. Don’t. Care. My mom¬†and my husband watch it. Whatever. I get sort of a kick out of watching my mom watch it. ūüôā

Then there are those flu shots. Flu shots are stupid. Yeah, I said it. I don’t know if Hugh Jackman meant what he said or was kidding but I don’t care. (I mean, he’s adorable, so I don’t care!! Lol. I love the fact he’s married to a gal way older than him who is also¬†kinda wrinkly, and chubby… and he seems to adore her. Yay him!!) But back to the flu shot…. I am not against all¬†vaccinations. We have made some big strides in eradicating some nasty diseases.¬† However, I think we need to be careful, for one thing – not all vaccines are for all people.

But this stupid flu shot!! They “guess” which flu might be coming for the season and those are the ones they vaccinate against… but there are literally thousands of flu strains, and quite often they get it wrong. Nobody in my house got the flu shot.¬†3 out of 5 of us got the flu. Sound bad? Yeah. But 2 of those had one sort of flu and¬†1 had another. And I was stuck with all of them, and I didn’t¬†get it at all.¬† Just in my mom’s circle of friends, 3 people she knows who got the flu shot got the flu.¬† So that was a biiiig¬†help. The doctor even admitted to one of these people that they chose the wrong flu to vaccinate against.¬† Yeah. You’ve heard of “practicing medicine”, right?? Yeah. A “Doctor’s Practice“? Ummhmmm.

Here is my theory – the Big Pharmaceuticals are also the Board of Directors at all the med schools. They hire all the teachers. They teach “what medicine to prescribe” rather than “how to¬†uncover what’s really wrong and how to treat for it”. Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Maybe.

Other foolishness? Just… my life. I am so tired of being – sad. So. Tired. And I see absolutely no end to it. The stuff that bothers me? It will never be any different. I mean, not the big stuff. Some things may get better, sure. But the core issues? I don’t think anything can be done.

So sad.


Now I need a crown and a new doctor


I’m not talking about the awesome kind of crown that is shiny and jewel filled¬†and would fit on top of my head. To wear to balls and what-not.

¬†No, I’m talking about the kind that goes in my mouth, courtesy of the dentist.

Much less thrilling, don’t ya think?


Well, ‘courtesy of’ is sort of the wrong way to¬†put it… more like “you give me $450.00 and I will fix that timebomb in your mouth”. sigh¬† I don’t have an extra $4.50, much less $450.00. No idea how that’s gonna happen. Of course my dentist (who, duh, makes a lot of $$) doesn’t understand this… he thinks I should get it done tomorrow. Which, okay, yeah, I probably should… my tooth¬†is on the verge of cracking, and it’s already been giving me some pain, which is why I mentioned it today when I went in for my regular 6 month cleaning… but, still.

Then there is the whole issue of “what is wrong with me, I don’t feel good” which hasn’t been answered by the blood tests. I am fine, aparently. At least by what you can¬†discover in a blood test. But I still feel exhausted and lightheaded most of the time. So that’s not right. I am going to start asking around – yet again – to see if anyone has a G.P. they like and would recommend so I can spend a few more fun-filled moments at doctors offices. Yay me.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired (aka: another reason I don’t like doctors)


Lately, I have been exhausted. Often. To the point that all I want to do somedays – all I feel capable of doing¬†– is crawling back into bed. Somedays I feel like I can never really fully¬†wake up. On top of that, somedays¬†I feel a little dizzy. Not room-spinning-I’m-gonna-pass-out dizzy, just a little “off”, somehow. I don’t feel sick at all, just wiped out.

I had to go to the doctor –¬†because, well, I’m a female and it’s been a year. You know. (Actually it’s been over a year but let’s not discuss that, shall we?) Anyhoo, she was a new doctor recommended by a friend. On the one hand, she was very thorough and she was gentle, so it wasn’t horrible even though she had a student “observer”. ¬†Yeah, ’cause what woman doesn’t want an audience for that little procedure, huh? On the other hand… she is obviously a doctor who feels pharmaceuticals¬†are the answer to all of mans’ (or women’s’) woes. She couldn’t understand why I would quit taking the reflux meds if they made me feel better – even tho I have accomplished a great deal by changing my diet.¬† She told me meds I could take for other symptoms. Worst of all, she refuses to believe that the problems I¬†am having with my no-longer-opposable thumb and weakness in my arm is from the stupid antibiotics I had the horrible reaction to. In fact, towards the end of the appointment, she told me she wanted me to go in for an MRI because I possibly have MS.¬† What…wait…WHAT???¬† Oh-my-freakin’-gosh!!¬† If you go to WebMD and put in my symptoms, there are about 2 dozen possible issues that could be the problem.¬† Several of them pretty mild and treatable (one is even just “stress”) all the way to the most serious which would be MS.¬† So, seriously!!¬† If you are a doctor, would you not first try to eliminate the most basic of issues, and work your way up from there if nothing pans out?¬† Or do you just throw out a diagnosis of a progressive, non-curable, debilitating disease right off the bat??!!

I am so angry right now. I’ll admit, also a little scared. Although I think I am fine… but, still. That seed has¬†been planted. So, it’s there. And it’s bothering me. I can’t afford an MRI so I can’t eliminate the fear.

I took a blood test to¬†check for all the basic stuff and I am waiting right now for a call from the doctor. I am praying they find something easy to fix, like I’m anemic or hypothyroid or something…

I’ll let you know.


There is not a darn thing wrong with me.  Well, nothing a blood test can detect, anyway. No anemia, no thyroid problems, no blood sugar level issues, no inflammation, no infections, lalalalala.

I am just tired. And lightheaded. But fine. Hmmmm…

When will western doctors quit “practicing” medicine and just do something right?


Have you ever wondered why they say doctors are “practicing” medicine?¬†Do educators “practice” teaching?¬† Do policemen “practice” upholding the law?¬† Yeah, I don’t think so.¬† (okay, you could argue that lawyers “practice” the law… do you really¬†want to use that arguement??) My dad worked in the aerospace industry – yes, he was a rocket scientist.¬† If he had only been practicing his job, the Hubble Space Telescope wouldn’t have ever been in orbit, to mention one thing.

I have lost faith in our doctors.¬† Now, not¬†in the case of trauma or some other catastrophic event – if I was in a horrid accident, there is nowhere I’d want to be other than in an American hospital.¬† Our doctors are great at putting things back together and that sort of thing.¬† I am talking about illnesses and¬†the symptoms of such.

When was the last time you went to a doctor because you didn’t feel well, had that doctor truly listen to you and your symptoms, and then said doctor did a whole lot of stuff to find out the real basis for your problem then deal with that?¬† OR… did that doctor give you some medicine to deal with your symptoms and hopefully by the time your meds were gone your actual illness was gone as well…?

Have you ever actually read an advertisement for a prescription drug?¬† Check this one out…

How does PRISTIQ work?

No one knows for sure what causes depression. But many experts believe that depression results when certain chemicals in the brain are out of balance. These chemicals, called neurotransmitters, relay messages from one brain cell to another.

PRISTIQ is thought to work by affecting the levels of two of these neurotransmitters: serotonin and norepinephrine. PRISTIQ is an SNRI, or    serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor

Is thought to work??¬† So, they don’t know what causes the depression and they don’t know how or why the medication might work… but, they will prescribe it to you and make you think you will feel better.¬† Unless you get worse and suicidal, which is one of the numerous side effects….

This is typical doctor crap!  I think the pharmaceutical companies put teachers in the med schools and, instead of teaching how to diagnose an illness, they teach what medication to give for what symptom. I am not joking.

Case in point:¬† My most recent illness.¬† I went to the doctor and told her my symptoms.¬† She said it couldn’t be the flu because it was too late in the year.¬† (so, I guess that’s a law?) So, she suspected bronchitis and gave me antibiotics.¬† She didn’t check to see if it was viral or bacterial – if it was viral, antibiotics don’t do a thing.¬† So why prescribe them? $$$.¬† They didn’t help.¬† I went back and by then I had pnuemonia.. so she prescribed a stronger antibiotic.¬† To which I had a severe reaction… a drug induced lupus, basically.¬† Which, when I went back in to see her again, she said was a “rare but not unheard of side effect” and as far as she knew “everyone eventually gets over it”.¬† Wow.¬† I have been in excruciating¬†pain, unable to sleep or barely even function… they know it can cause this horrible side effect but they prescribe it anyway?!?¬† .Niiiiice

Doctors and their medications caused my younger sister’s death at the age of only 33.¬† I can tell you about that, if you’re interested.

So I’ve been going to the herbalist, and I am feeling quite a bit better.¬† Today is the¬†first day I feel like I might actually feel good again one day, and without pain, hopefully.¬† I have hope, at least.¬† I think the pharmaceuticals have us by the throat… think about it.¬† They tell the insurance companies what they’ll pay for, they tell the doctors what to prescribe..¬† who knows how far it goes?¬† The doctor visits, the antibiotics, cost me around $60.00 total.¬† My cost – so far – for the herbalist is over $250.00… no insurance will cover that.¬† But can you put a price on your health?