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Now I need a crown and a new doctor


I’m not talking about the awesome kind of crown that is shiny and jewel filled and would fit on top of my head. To wear to balls and what-not.

 No, I’m talking about the kind that goes in my mouth, courtesy of the dentist.

Much less thrilling, don’t ya think?


Well, ‘courtesy of’ is sort of the wrong way to put it… more like “you give me $450.00 and I will fix that timebomb in your mouth”. sigh  I don’t have an extra $4.50, much less $450.00. No idea how that’s gonna happen. Of course my dentist (who, duh, makes a lot of $$) doesn’t understand this… he thinks I should get it done tomorrow. Which, okay, yeah, I probably should… my tooth is on the verge of cracking, and it’s already been giving me some pain, which is why I mentioned it today when I went in for my regular 6 month cleaning… but, still.

Then there is the whole issue of “what is wrong with me, I don’t feel good” which hasn’t been answered by the blood tests. I am fine, aparently. At least by what you can discover in a blood test. But I still feel exhausted and lightheaded most of the time. So that’s not right. I am going to start asking around – yet again – to see if anyone has a G.P. they like and would recommend so I can spend a few more fun-filled moments at doctors offices. Yay me.