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A New Year, a change in the weather ~ yikes it’s cold!



Yeah, Yeah, I know. It’s winter. I live in Idaho. But seriously… this is ridiculous. Let’s see, right now it is… 7 degrees. They are forecasting that the temperature in the morning will be minus 4 or thereabouts. brrrrrrrr!! It used to be this cold, the first time we lived here. It just seems like it hasn’t been like this the last several years. But now? Global warming my eye.¬†

It’s so cold I couldn’t bear to make the outdoor cat sleep … well, outdoors. He has a bed – well, a blanket in a box in the shed – but it’s so cold! Poor kitty. So I made him a spot out in my dad’s garage, and dad didn’t argue. He says cats are spawn of the devil, but he has a soft spot in his heart for all animals, regardless. ūüôā¬†¬†It’s nearly 60 in the garage, so I¬†think that’s a big step up.

It makes it rather hard to follow through – oh, shoot, to even begin! – that wonderful ‘resolution’ of getting out and walking every day! Yeah, I don’t think so!

Just as I’ve been typing this (altho I admit, I am also watching a movie, so it’s taken longer than you’d think) it has dropped to 5.5 degrees…

Thank the Lord for warm homes, fireplaces, snuggly beds and hot tea.






Random thoughts on a lazy Sunday


¬†Is it weird that I would drive my kid a half-hour across town so she can spend a few hours watching movies with a friend? Do other parents do this? I feel bad that she doesn’t have friends in the neighborhood like I did when I was a kid… she doesn’t really have friends in our town at all. She also has no siblings to play with. So, I drove her 30¬†minutes to the next town over to spend the evening with a friend (who, fortunately, is slightly older and has a license so she will drive Kiki home after, so I don’t have to make the trip twice.)

I’ve also spent a lot of time recently driving her a half-hour the other direction to participate in a new theater group.¬†Acting¬†is something she loves doing but hasn’t had a lot¬†of opportunity to participate in, so when she actually got a part after auditioning I couldn’t deny her the chance to do it… but, she rehearses 3 days a week in another town so off we go again! I wish my car got better mileage (17mpg on a good day).¬† On those days, I spend 3 hours hanging out in a coffeehouse reading or on my computer because I don’t want to make the drive twice – so I just wait out there while she’s rehearsing. I wish I had a friend in that town to hang out with; that’d be more fun!

Last night she had a song to sing in a special fundraising event. She was asked rather last minute, didn’t have time to practice much, and didn’t do very well. After her song, we went outside and she sobbed. Poor kid. It’s so hard to be a mom! I didn’t even want to go watch her, because I had a feeling it wasn’t going to go very well. A couple of very nice folks came up while I was comforting her and told her she had done a fine job, and there will never be another first time, so it will get easier. That helped, and I sure appreciated those people’s words.

It’s been unseasonably cold here for Autumn. That’s kind of bumming me out, because Fall is my absolute favorite season but it almost feels like winter out. It also seems like the cold and wind is making the leaves fall faster than normal, so we won’t get to enjoy the colors as long. Supposedly it’s going to warm up a bit this week; that’d be nice.

My poor orange kitty seems to be a bit “off” the last few days… I wish I could afford to take him to the vet, just to make sure he’s okay before it would turn into anything serious. Unfortunately, I probably can’t talk my husband into this unless it turns into something serious. I hate that.

It seems like we will never get out of this financial hole we are in. Everytime things seem to be looking up, something goes wrong. My husband’s work truck had to go into the shop twice in the last couple months, to the tune of about $2,500.00. Ugh. I keep thinking I should get a full-time job, but I so want to keep being a full-time mom! I am starting to look for a job that would either be graveyard shift or super-early mornings, so I wouldn’t really be gone when Kiki is around and awake and needs me. Of course, I don’t know when I’d be able to sleep, then…

I’ve decided I probably need therapy to deal with the anger I feel toward my sister. I am really not sure why I feel like I do, unless it’s maybe a deep-seated issue from our childhood. I mean, yeah, she does stupid stuff sometimes… don’t we all? Shouldn’t I be able to just let it roll off me, that whole “water off a duck” deal?¬† ¬†sigh¬†¬†¬† I finally¬† – at a women’s retreat¬†last month¬†– dealt with some other stuff that has been causing me grief all of my life from very early on. I’ve known it was a problem for a loooong time now, but finally feel like I’ve moved on. Which is awesome! but; sad to think of all the years I can’t go back and “fix” from having lived them in the shadow of those events. Oh, well. What’re ya gonna do?

Now, if only I could “fix” the food addiction…. I am so very tired of being fat, and yet I guess not enough to quit eating the stuff I eat. Sometimes I think it would be better to need to give up alcohol or smoking! Something black and white – I mean, you just don’t do it. You can’t really give up eating! So it’s making the right choices I find so hard.

That’s about all I have to say tonight. I am fighting a sore throat, and probably ought to go to bed early, but of course I won’t be able to go until Kiki is safely back home!

Christmas Craft! Advent calendar hanging wreath

You’ve heard the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”? Yes, well, you may be seeing a lot of crafts on my blog in the next few weeks, since Christmas is coming up and our funds are rather low.¬† I have some great ideas… we’ll see what I actually get accomplished.

Todays craft was also created out of necessity.¬† Kiki wanted an advent calendar.¬† We’d seen a few at World Market¬†a couple weeks ago, but the ones they had left were a little… well, the ones in the ad paper were cuter, and we innocently assumed they’d get some more in soon. Well, when we returned on the last day on November they had one left… one that looked as though it had been run over by a shopping cart.¬† Shoot.¬† We went to a total of 5 stores searching for an advent calendar.¬† Each place either never carried them this year, or were completely sold out.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Christmas. No advent calendars. Weird.
So I promised Kiki I’d make her one.¬† But I¬†had to keep it cheap.¬† I spent some time after dropping her off at the co-op wandering a few stores¬†and finally came up with an idea!¬† See, I had some craft supplies I’d picked up last year after Christmas to make a hanging wreath
for this year.¬† So, I’d tweak it a bit. All I needed was¬†a few boxes and some stuff to stick in them (mostly candy!) and “voila”! Advent calendar.

 Here are some pics of what I had and the process:

I started with a grapevine wreath

¬†OKAY!¬† I am really really really irritated!!¬† My picture uploads are not working at all!!¬† It all looks great until I actually get it posted, then it’s all wonky and missing stuff and mIxed up… i AM GETTING REALLY PISSED OFF SO IT’S TIME TO QUIT!!¬† I’ll try again tomorrow I guess…

Update on Oliver cat boy


Again on the computer!¬† Sheesh.¬† This time getting checked out by the other cat.¬† He is doing fairly well… the swelling has gone way down, his paw is just a wee bit swollen. I am soaking it twice a day, but the holes don’t seem to be draining anything.¬† I’m not sure at this point if that is good or bad – cats can tend toward abscesses, so hopefully he’s going to just heal up without complications.¬† He’s using the litter box, so that’s a plus (for his health, anyway… not like I love cleaning it!)¬† He’s getting very anxious to get back outdoors, so we are really having to be alert to where he is so he doesn’t bolt out the door when the dogs are coming in or out.

Right now he is lying down at my feet under the table here.¬† I am rubbing his head with my foot, and he is stretched out with his legs on my leg.¬† He is such a sweet guy. When I try to rub Matty’s head with my foot (he also tends to curl up under the dining table when I am on my computer) he generally bites me!

Well, I’d like to head off to bed, but Alan and his buddy are out in the workshop smoking cigars and drinking… um, drinking… brandy, I think it was.¬† Some $70.00 a bottle stuff – don’t even ask me how ridiculous I find that!¬† Anyhoo, I¬†was going to get Oliver settled out¬†there in the shop for the night… ¬†but maybe Alan will have to take that assignment if he’s going to be much longer!

What we won’t do for our furry friends


This is Oliver.¬† Oliver Twist –¬†since he came to us as a stray and would get SO excited about the food we put out for him… all I could think of was that song from the musical, “Food, glorious food”!

In this picture he had just plopped himself on my¬†laptop and turned it off.¬† He loves him so lovin’.¬† Well, since he¬†is a stray who adopted us, he is outside most of the time, coming in once in awhile for some attention or to remind us it’s time to feed him. but¬†then he likes to go out again. He’s actually gettting to be in more and more… after all, it’s getting cold outside!

Well, a couple days ago – when my little family was up in Seattle for Thanksgiving – he didn’t show up for dinner.¬† That is completely out of character!¬† My mom went looking for him, and she found him in the shed where he sleeps when he’s outside, but he wouldn’t come to her.¬† He cried and cried to her, but stayed put.¬† Well, the shed is a giant jumble of stuff my sister has yet to come collect to put in her new house (I mean, she only moved like, 2 years ago – you can see why she hasn’t gotten to it yet). So¬†no way could mom get to him… he finally hopped down, but wasn’t using his one front leg… well, the next day¬†we took him to the vet because it was huge puffy and hot to the touch.¬† He has two punctures in his paw pad and had a raging infection.¬† They cleaned it up (he wouldn’t cooperate though and they had to anesthetize him to do it) then he got a hefty dose of antibiotics and now he’s home.¬† Of course we have to keep him in until it heals, and I have to soak it twice a day in warm epson salts to try to keep it draining…

It’s doing much better, but one problem was that since he’s an outdoor cat, he doesn’t use a litterbox.¬† We had to buy one, and the vet said to use pelleted paper litter as the clay or clumping kinds could get in the wounds and cause trouble.¬† Well, yeah. Good idea. ¬†He hated that stuff – I put him in the box and he immediately jumped out.¬†¬†Hated it so much¬†he didn’t go potty in almost 2 days, so I was worried he’d soon have a whole other problem!¬† I had a thought, so tonight, my dad, my daughter and myself spent over an hour crushing those paper pellets with mallets and hammers to make it more “dirtlike” and less roll-y.¬† Ridiculous?¬† Maybe.¬† But after we were done, I took him back out to the shop (he’s taking over dad’s man-cave until he heals) and when I put Oliver in that litterbox, he immediately squatted and I think he peed for 3 full minutes!!¬† Poor guy. I think he’ll be feeling much better now! Good grief, how much paper-pellet crushing¬†will we have to do over the next week??

I think it’s nap time


Uh, no.¬† I don’t have a baby.¬† Or even a toddler.¬† I’m talking about me.¬† I need a nap.¬† I was going to do something… I don’t know, worthwhile today.¬† Or, get something accomplished.¬† But the whole family is out of the house and I’m thinking… it’s raining, I’m tired… forget something worthwhile, I’m taking a nap!

Sunday Sweets ~ Stuff I Like … Matt the Cat


Yeah, I’ll admit it.¬† I like my cat.¬† He’s not the sweetest, cuddliest cat I’ve ever had, but he’s better than the cat-from-the-devil we had when we first got married.¬† This one is awfully funny… not too coordinated…. I think I should make a whole blog about the goofy stuff he does.

We put the towel on the chair because he was always laying there and we didn’t want him to get my favorite chair dirty.¬† You see how well this worked.

One of his favorite places is on top of a printer.¬† He’s caused more than one paper jam by trying to attack the paper as it feeds through.

Here he’s listening to the squirrels that lived in the ceiling of our apartment.¬† Yeah, I know.¬† But he found it exciting.

He especially likes to get inside of places…

He was quite helpful when we moved… he inspected our boxes –

Inspected them closely

Got inside of everything I was trying to pack –

or on top of what I was trying to pack –

Here he is inside of stuff again…

and on top of… (I needed this to re-wrap my Christmas decor – yeah, he’s real helpful)

disappearing under the curio cabinet –

Then, sleepy, lying in the weirdest position…

Honestly; I am more of a dog person!¬† But the cat makes for way more interesting pictures!¬† He keeps me laughing….