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Snow? Why today?


This afternoon, since it’s a holiday, a group of us are going up to the ski mountain to take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh.  The road up the hill is treacherous if it’s snowy, and full of hairpin curves. Not to worry though, as it’s been pretty much dry as a bone this winter. We’ve had the latest opening ever of the local ski resort, and the road has been dry pretty much the whole winter. Which is bad for a whole host of reasons, but makes for better driving, to be sure.

Until today. Today it is snowing like mad. Big, lovely flakes fluttering down. I’d be thrilled – if it wasn’t for my plans.  The snow isn’t really sticking here in the valley, but it’s most likely a different story up the hill.

IF we make it up there safe, I bet it will be a really pretty ride!

Then hopefully we make it back home safe, as well!

On becoming 50 – it’s NOT “just a number” – it’s mileage on the odometer


Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 50 years old.  50. Years. Old.  Half a century this life of mine has lasted so far. I cannot tell you how utterly depressed I am about this.  Now, people will say “it’s only a number” or “you are only as old as you feel” (in which case, I guess I’m about 85….) but I say, that’s a load of crap.

My car is getting on in years… that is, mileage.  It’s only about 8 years old, but in a day or so, depending on how much driving I do tomorrow,  the odometer will read 130,000 miles. That’s a lot of road wear.  My car is a good car.  She’s dependably taken me across the country and back.  She’s taken me here, there, everywhere.  I really like my car.  But guess what?  She no longer looks new.  I’ve tried to take the best care of her I could, but stuff happens. The car wasn’t new when I bought it, so it didn’t come to me ‘perfect’. There are rock chips in the windshield; scratches on the sides where my nephew scraped his bike against her; scratches on the doors where my sister’s in-laws’ dog spent the better part of a day jumping in and out of an open window when I let my sis borrow my car for a trip; a dent in the top back where I tried to back out of my garage before I had the garage door all the way up (oops) …. these are the marks of a life lived.  So, no one can say “130,000 miles, well, that’s just a number”  because, no, it’s not.  It’s a record of how far my car has gone.

That, I think, is the real problem.  How far have I gone?? Yeah, well, I’m 50 years old and I live with my parents.  50 years old and I am 100 pounds overweight.  50 years old and my horsie hopes and dreams seem to be a thing of the past. 50 years old and…. sigh.  I haven’t gotten very far at all in this life – at least that’s how it feels.  Actually, in some ways it feels as though I’ve been drug down the road for about 130,000 miles – and have the scars to prove it – but like I’ve just been going in circles. 50 might be “a number” but it’s really a milestone… and right now I’m not loving the road it’s marking.

Traveling ~ moving ~ with cats and dogs


If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that in the past two years, we moved across the country – and back again.  Yeah, we’re dumb like that.  Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time!  That is, the first move.  The second move was more in the line of desperation – “Dear Lord get us out of here!!” 

I thought I’d post some pics from our cross-country move;  today, featuring our cat and our dog.  To be honest, it wasn’t all that difficult traveling with them.  The dog loves car trips, long or short.  The cat, well, not so much, but give him a couple traquilizers and let him hide under the seat and he does okay.  The hardest part was probably finding hotel rooms that will accept 1) a big dog.  Most hotels these days seem to take little dogs, even though in my experience they are more destructive (or annoying) than big dogs.  But I don’t get to make the rules. 2) cats.  Finding a room that will take a cat is even harder than one that will take big dogs!  Thank the Lord and AAA, we did fine.  A shout out here to La Quinta!!  We used them all the way across the country – they were absolutely awesome!

One of the difficulties of pet-travel is that there doesn’t seem to be enough room in the car for everything.  I mean, geez, we have a 7 passenger vehicle with only 3 human beings in it, and yet with the animals in the car and all the paraphanelia that goes along with that, you end up with this:

Yeah.  All that interior space, and our luggage had to be on the outside.  Since the East seems to get ridiculous amounts of rain even in the middle of the summer (ick!) we had to make sure it was as water-tight as possible.  Alan and I got really good at packing this up every day!

The interior looked kinda like this:

Huh.  Can’t find the really messy interior shots… which is cool.  See, we had to take this giant crate for the dog (they have to be crated in the hotel room) and also her ramp because we have to be careful getting her into and out of the car since she had her knee surgery. 

So then we have them in the room with us.  Really, we have well-behaved pets.  (I wouldn’t tolerate any other kind!) They didn’t cause any trouble, except on the very last day.  I guess the dog had just plain had enough, and when we left to go have our hotel breakfast that morning she started barking as soon as we left the room and would not stop for anything… which is not like her at all.  We ended up having to take her to breakfast with us – thank goodness the weather was wonderful and the hotel had a patio area, so it ended up alright.


 You really need to be prepared when you travel with pets!

The room was nice and big so the crate fit fine.

The cat, of course, was curious.

They both seemed to enjoy the view.

These pictures were all taken on our last night, which we spent in Denver, Colorado.  I will try to post pictures of the entire trip, maybe one day at a time.  All of our moving has been a big pain in the haunches, and yet I am not sorry for the experiences we have had.  I’d be pretty happy to never move again, though.  Well, after we move out of my parents’ home and into one of our own!  Sheesh, I’m not ready to stay here forever!!  God forbid it!  Lol.

Today was definately a better day!


Yesterday began with me cutting a lovely chunk out of the end of my thumb while I chopped onions for our breakfast.  I was trying to make scrambled eggs with onions and cheese.  Thank goodness the knife took a hunk out of my nail first; that probably slowed it down before it sliced into my thumb.  I then proceeded to smash one egg all over the counter instead of into the pan.  Then I burned the butter, burned the onion, burned the eggs.  I may not be a great cook, but I’ve never burnt eggs before!  The next lovely event was a math meltdown while we were doing school.  Good grief, how I hate math!  I’ve never been good at it, but trying to teach it to a 7th grader brings the despair to a whole new level.  So, we were doing “scale”… as in, scale models, blue prints, doll houses…. The dumb part is, I know how to do it.  I could answer the problems in my head – but, to try to explain it using the methods the book teaches?  No way.  I don’t even get what they are doing in there!  It’s making it much harder than it needs to be, in my opinion.  And when Kiki doesn’t understand something right off, she gets frustrated.  When she gets frustrated, she gets mad.  When she gets mad at school, she gets mad at me… I am the teacher, after all!  No, of course she doesn’t get mad at her classroom teacher!  We finally got thru that little bit of hell, and it was time for me to go to work.  And my car wouldn’t start.  No sir.  So I pulled out my AAA card to call for a truck, and oh wholly crap…. my membership expired 3 days ago.  Could it just get any better??  Yes indeedy, a lovely, lovely day.

This morning I barely wanted to get out of bed to face the day.  First off, I called AAA, and guess what?  They have a grace period, so I could still get service. The tow truck driver came, and he was super nice, and recommended a repair shop just 15 minutes up the road.  I was truly panicked about what was wrong and how much it was going to cost (because we are lower than broke at the moment). I was also worried about how long I would be without a car!  I hate that.  This afternoon, the mechanic called and said I could pick up my car – really?!  Then the best news of all – it was a short in the battery, which if you can believe this, was still under warranty!!  Seriously, does that ever happen?  Don’t things always go wrong the month after the warranty is over?!  This still had one month left!  Not only did he have the new battery delivered to his shop, but he replaced it completely for free!!  He didn’t charge me a dime for his time!!  Does that ever happen?  Not in my world.  At least not in the past.  My car works, and it cost me nothing but a bit of time.  (and a little stress!)  My thumb is healing, I didn’t burn the cold cereal this morning, we had no meltdowns.

Yep, today was definately a better day.