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It’s done ~ my Paper Tree


Well, on close inspection you can find plenty of flaws… pencil marks I can’t get erased, chunks and tears in the paper and foam core, and I even accidentally “pruned” a couple leaves off! However, at an ‘over all’ glance, it looks pretty decent. I hope my sis is happy with it.  I will try to get a couple pics tomorrow when it’s in use so you can see what it’s used for!

(the slits are so you can slip it together to stand up)



Another craft project – Paper Wish Tree


My sister is throwing a baby shower for her daughter-in-law, (her first grandbaby!!) and we were looking for decoration ideas. She found this tree thingie – it’s made of “heavy-weight” paper, and it stands up and you can put hand written “wishes” on it, or money, or, whatever I guess, as long as it’s lightweight.  This piece of paper, however, costs $40.!  Sheesh! So of course I have to open my big mouth and say “Gosh, couldn’t you just make this out of that foam-core posterboard?”

Yeah. Guess what I’ve been doing tonight?

Started with posterboard and some tree ideas…


Sketched a tree onto one half of the board…

Then I asked my dad if he had an exacto knife. Now, asking my dad if he has a tool is like asking Purina if they make dog food.  I mean, duh. So I knew he’d have one… but HOLEYCOW!! 

This is what he brought out…

My dad is da‘tool bomb! Really, who has this stuff??!

Look – it even has little saw blades!

So. Cool.

Well, cutting through that foam-core poster board was way harder than I thought it would be. Of course. I may never be able to bend my wrist again. But,  I have one side cut out.  Urgh. One more to go…

It’s all over but the carnage (also, 2 more Christmas gift craft ideas)


Welcome to The Day After.


Actually, it’s never too bad at our house.  As soon as the stockings are emptied, before the unwrapping begins, someone goes and grabs a trashbag and we clean as we go.  Still, at this point we are left with dozens of boxes that need to be put somewhere, and gifts and stuff that need to be put away in an already full house.

The space under the tree is empty. (My dream is one day to have a not-cheesy-tree-skirt…and a real tree.  I can’t stand fake ones, but such is life at the moment.  So no giggling at mine.)

Stuff needs to go someplace… soon…

One of my fave gifts this year is a new coffee cup!  I’ve been wanting one that is just mine and just right (I’m rather picky.) Living in my folk’s house, I’ve just used theirs; I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna unpack a kitchen box or 12 just to find my favorite coffee mug.  So here is my new one!  I actually picked it out; Kiki and I were shopping and I loved it, so she “snuck” it into my shopping cart, lol. We do that when she’s Christmas shopping for me.  (Gosh, at World Market this year she picked out a bunch of stocking stuffers for me, put her little handbasket in my cart, and had me look the other way while she placed them on the counter and the gal bagged the stuff!) Yeah, obviously I paid for my own stuff, but it’s the thought that counts..?

It’s beautiful, a white-on-white design.  The picture really doesn’t capture just how pretty it is.  I adore little wild birdies – the other gift she picked out for me (again, while we were together, this time at the tree festival!) was this little snowy, pineconey guy that I set with a couple of my other birdie friends –

Oh! Here are some pics of more craft – gift projects.  One is another ‘thrift shop plate and cups’ jewelry holder for one of my nieces.  Her room is painted with these huge circles on the walls, so we were so excited to find this plate!

The other is a stuffed animal (well, it might be an animal. I dunno) that is made from a sock. This was a last minute gift (for Kiki’s stuffie friend) so altho it would have looked nicer with an embroidered face, I just used a Sharpie and called it good.  It only took about a half hour or so to make.  Would’ve been quicker if I’d sewn it on the machine but everyone was in bed so I didn’t want to make noise (the sewing room is across the hall from my parent’s bedroom.)

Well, it’s nearly 2pm, so perhaps I should go take a shower now.  I hate to leave the quiet of the moment, as everyone else is out and about and I have a little time to myself – which is rare here.  I am loving it!  However, they will be returning soon, so I guess I should get dressed or something….

Hope everyone had a wonderful (at least mostly wonderful) Christmas!

Cheap Christmas Craft – mug and saucer jewelry holder


We are pretty strapped financially this year, as are so many people in this lousy economy.  I really wracked my brain to dredge up some ideas for gifts that wouldn’t cost much.  This gift was, by far, the least expensive thing I came up with!  The following pictures are the one I made for Kiki; I will post pics of two others we are making after they are done.  (for a couple of her cousins)

I bought the “parts” at the thrift shop – 50 cents apiece for the cup and plate, and 20 cents for the spoon.  I had the glue, so of course that didn’t cost me anything… altho, if you had to buy it (E6000) I think it’s around $4.00 a tube, and it will go a looooong way…

So, total cost to me on this gift – $1.20.

I glued the mug to the side of the plate, and the spoon inside the mug.  I had to hammer the spoon a bit to get it at the correct angle.


A different view –

See how you can put necklaces in the mug, or on the saucer, and hang earrings over the edge? Also, rings can slide down the spoon (not all rings, the spoon is sort of thick so it depends on the size of your rings – of course, the new fashion rings with stretchy bands will go, and that’s most of what the girls have right now!)

Advent Calendar Wreath – post try 2

Alrighty – I will attempt to post these pictures so you can see what I did!  Here we go….
Look close – you’ll see all the glitter I dumped in the grass!  Sheesh…
So I spray painted the grapevine wreath silver –
I bought some ‘candy favor boxes’, 24 for only $4.35.  24 boxes – perfect!
After I numbered them, I realized they would be hanging lengthwise, so I probably should’ve written on them sideways instead –
I painted some and put a few stickers on…
It made the cat happy… then they were ready to fill
I used a hole punch to make a hole in each box, then hung the boxes from the wreath with ornament hooks –
Hanging it was the harderst part!  I used one of those 3M removable hook deals, but the ceiling there is over 9′ high… I am 5’2″… I had to use a stepladder AND a really long stick to put it up there!!  But it’s ready to count down the days ’til Christmas!
p.s.  Oliver is doing well, ya think?

Christmas Craft! Advent calendar hanging wreath

You’ve heard the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”? Yes, well, you may be seeing a lot of crafts on my blog in the next few weeks, since Christmas is coming up and our funds are rather low.  I have some great ideas… we’ll see what I actually get accomplished.

Todays craft was also created out of necessity.  Kiki wanted an advent calendar.  We’d seen a few at World Market a couple weeks ago, but the ones they had left were a little… well, the ones in the ad paper were cuter, and we innocently assumed they’d get some more in soon. Well, when we returned on the last day on November they had one left… one that looked as though it had been run over by a shopping cart.  Shoot.  We went to a total of 5 stores searching for an advent calendar.  Each place either never carried them this year, or were completely sold out.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  Christmas. No advent calendars. Weird.
So I promised Kiki I’d make her one.  But I had to keep it cheap.  I spent some time after dropping her off at the co-op wandering a few stores and finally came up with an idea!  See, I had some craft supplies I’d picked up last year after Christmas to make a hanging wreath
for this year.  So, I’d tweak it a bit. All I needed was a few boxes and some stuff to stick in them (mostly candy!) and “voila”! Advent calendar.

 Here are some pics of what I had and the process:

I started with a grapevine wreath

 OKAY!  I am really really really irritated!!  My picture uploads are not working at all!!  It all looks great until I actually get it posted, then it’s all wonky and missing stuff and mIxed up… i AM GETTING REALLY PISSED OFF SO IT’S TIME TO QUIT!!  I’ll try again tomorrow I guess…

Getting ready for a pirate (of the Caribbean) party! Awesome pirate flag/jolly roger cake


Kiki’s birthday is Sunday, and since her current obsession is Pirates of the Caribbean (or, more specifically, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner!) that is her party theme.

I really needed to not spend as much money on her party as I have in the past, (I tend to go a little crazy) so we scoured thrift stores and discount places for the things we needed… and did we luck out!  We found all kinds of stuff that looks like treasure and other piratey things.  Then we happened to have some other stuff in the storage unit (like dress-up jewelry) that we were actually able to find…  I am going to make a pirate sail, – a Black Pearl sail, of course!  – and if you can believe it, I actually found a black sheet at the thrift store!  How likely is that to happen??

So, the table is set…

(ignore the rubber bands on the top of the candleabra… I’m trying to ‘tweak’ it a bit…)

Then there is the cake.  It rocks!!  I did an amazing job, if I do say so myself. 🙂

I went the lazy route and used a (modified) cake mix, so of course it wanted to fall apart… unlike a good scratch-made cake… oh well. It worked.

Here was my inspiration ~

So I covered the cake first with buttercream icing:

Then fondant ~

added the details ~

put silver lustre dust on the coins ~

Pretty awesome, huh??!

Just an explanation…


In case you are wondering what the latest pictures are all about… There is this website called “Polyvore”.  It’s a fashion website, basically, and you can make these collages.  I started basically because my daughter is crazy about it, and she wanted me to do it, too…. and besides, then I can keep an eye on what’s she’s doing! 

It’s quite a bit of fun, actually.  Maybe a bit of a time-waster, sure, but fun.  Try it for yourself!

Arts and crafts ~ handpainted Narnia purse, Reepicheep the mouse


This is a canvas bag I handpainted for my daughter, the Narnia fan.  The cute little guy (although he’d be quite offended if he knew I was calling him that!) is Reepicheep, leader of the Talking Mice of Narnia.  Noble, brave, and maybe a little full of himself!  I painted this with fabric paints, then added some glitter, as my girl and I are all about the sparkle, lol.  On the back of the purse I wrote with permanent marker a quote from C.S. Lewis’s book The Last Battle, which is the final book from the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series.  Reepicheep is calling the others to come into “Aslan’s Country”, which is Heaven.  Reepicheep entered Aslan’s Country without experiencing death at the end of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.