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Is it really mid-October??!!

Criminitly!!  Where does the time go??  Maybe if I did something worthwhile besides play on the ‘puter, I’d have something to show for the quickly flying hours, at least!  Hmmmm….food for thought…… ooh, speaking of food…. think I’ll go make my  pumpkin cake now!

Patty-pans and random internet searches

Have you ever stumbled across a word or a phrase that you just didn’t know, and you figured, "hey, I can find it on the internet!" then, much to your chagrin, you actually can’t??   Sometimes I get so aggravated (over inconsequential stuff, I know…)  Tonight, the book I read Kiki before bedtime was Beatrix Potter’s "The Pie and the Patty-pan".  Do YOU know what a patty-pan is??  Okay, you can basically deduce from the story that it is a little metal thing that was placed in the pie before baking to keep the crust from falling…. but, I wanted to see one, to find a ‘real’ definition, a picture, something…. well, HAH.  I got about a million sites about the story, and several more that said a patty-pan is a pan for baking patties in (what the…?? that’s just stupid)  and some that basically said like a tart pan….. Ugh.  It doesn’t matter a whit at the end of the day, but it’s made me rather grumpy.
We should all have such hard stuff to worry about, eh?! 
Oh, and yeah – there is a "Patty pan Squash", and it is a cute little ruffly-edged thing that looks like a tart pan, so "the truth is out there", somewhere…..

Dude – Where’s My Readers?

Wow – it seems like me slacking off and not blogging every day has made everyone quit coming by!  I’m going to get a complex pretty soon if you all don’t come back and start reading again!  I know my life is terribly dull and  boring, but having people read about it is what makes it more interesting!!  Lol. 
Coooome baaaaack coooome baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!

Beach Volleyball – Is that a sport??

Am I the only person who thinks this is a ridiculous thing to have in the Olympics?  I mean, really.  I grew up in Southern California.  I played volleyball at the beach.  And guess what?  It wasn’t a sport – it was a way to pick up members of the opposite sex.  Okay?!  So, if that’s included as an Olympic event, then I say we throw in … Frisbee and, hmm…. OH!  Hackysack.  Sure.  Those’d be great Olympic "sports"!!  Two other things you do on the beach when you tire of strictly sunbathing. 
Maybe I could take them more seriously if they played in a uniform instead of a bikini.

Hey! About Blog walking…

So is it just me, because I don’t have some great plan or list or something, that it takes me for-flippin’-ever to get around to visit other blogs, maybe leave a comment or two??  I mean, really, just because I am a SAHM doesn’t mean I can spend endless hours online…and yet, I like to make those connections.  Is there some wonderful method of popping around here that I haven’t discovered, or what are your secrets??  I really want to know.

Stinkin’ Appliances!!

Today’s question is:  Why in the world is our manufacturing ability or quality control so poor that a  major appliance breaks down after 4 years???  My refrigerator is working again.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is, for a $25.00 part  I had to also pay $200.00 to have it installed!  Highway robbery at it’s finest, I believe they call that.  Now, if we’d not had our brains running overtime on other fretful matters, we probably should’ve talked to the refrigeration guys who do the work at  Alan’s shops and maybe we could’ve repaired it ourselves….duh.  All we could think was "Arrrgh!!  We need a refrigerator!!  Our food is rotting!!"  You live, you learn.   When I complained to the repairman about the darn thing quitting at such a young age, he told me that 4 years is a very typical life span of parts these days… what the heck??   My washer/dryer is like, 14 years old and it’s still working!  I know my parents have appliances older than that!  But he said "nowadays" it’s just not so good.  Doesn’t say much about the companies who make this stuff, does it?   He told me that certain parts always seem to go out, depending on the make and model…that in fact, when he read my work order, he automatically threw in one particular part, and ‘bingo’… that was the one that broke.  It was a…well, of course I forgot…. the motor "starter thingie" (yeah, I know you all love what a technical person I am!) it’s this 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch little plastic box.   Geez. 
But, hey…. I will praise God in all things…. I can now buy some half&half to put in my coffee!!  Two days without that has been a near-death experience!  Ha.  Not to mention I don’t have to go out on the back porch to get my orange juice or cheese… or fight the cat who is desperately trying to escape the confines of the house each time I open that back door…. 

Super (???) Tuesday

I love my country.  I love our freedoms.  But do you ever wonder….huh??  I understand – basically – how the whole election process works.  However, I don’t always "get" it.  To understand is not necessarily to understand.   If you’ve read my blog much, you probably know I’m a conservative, Christian, Republican, right-winger;  whatever you want to call it.  Putting that aside for a moment though, I want to know this….why is it, in this day and age, when most Christians get ripped apart for their beliefs, that Barack Obama and his crew are trying to use his supposed Christianity as a major selling point – and it’s working???? If some other candidate (like, say, a Republican) was out there saying "look at my beliefs, look how Christian I am – the Lord told me to become president"…. the media would be shredding him, making him a laughingstock.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to have a sold-out-for-Christ president.  That’d be totally awesome!  What I’m saying is A) I don’t trust him, and what he’s saying; is it just a ploy to get our minds off the whole muslim thing (I don’t know the man, so I can’t say either way…but it makes me go hmm…) and B) if any of the other candidates were espousing the same line, they’d have already been pushed out of the running.  Now, don’t anyone get on here and tell me how wondrous Obama is, or how narrow-minded I am, or whatever.  Because that’s not my point.  Obviously, since I’m a Republican I don’t want any of the Democratic candidates to become president.  Duh.  I’m also not saying that all Muslims are terrorists or anything.  It’s just sort of strange, the way things are twisting, don’t you think??  In all the years since I’ve been old enough to vote – actually, before that – since I was old enough to listen to my parents about their voting – we’ve had presidents I’ve liked and ones I haven’t liked and so on, of course.  But this is the first time I’ve been truly scared about where our nation might be heading.  Seriously.  My comfort is in knowing that it is God who places people in power, to bring about His will (it says so in the Bible, so I believe it!).  But I guess it could be His will that our country goes to Hell in a handbasket, right??!  Maybe the End is near?!  Lol, I’m kidding, but do you know what I mean?  

Bad girl, bad girl…and other wonderings

Do you ever ~ have a thought about something, and the realization of what you just thought makes you think "geez, I’m a bad person"??  Like, let’s say someone you know…a family member, maybe…is upset about something in their life (something minor, like, "I thought sure this puppy we got at the pound was going to be a {fancy hoity toity breed} but I’m beginning to think it’s just a mutt of some sort") and your immediate reaction is something like "HAHA! In-your-face!!"  How horrible is that ?!  Not that I’d ever voice those kinds of thoughts…golly, I am way too sweet for that….or am I?? 
Do you ever ~ wonder why men are so stupid?  (sorry, men…I mean husbands…sorry husbands…I mean, my husband)  There are just some days that….. aaahhhggg.   I love him.  I really do.  But there are days I could just smack him silly.
Do you ever ~ wonder why our public school system is trying to make our children stupid??  Check out ‘Tea and Bonbons with Amy’ over on Blogger if you want to be truly concerned about the goings on.  Which is why I homeschool, even on the hard days.  I want to instill in my child a love of learning, and common sense, and the ability to problem-solve.  
So, there are my questions for today.