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Oh, honestly!


Yeah, I need to figure out what to write about on this blog.  Because… well, I want people to read it.  Not just once, but to want to come back and read it again.  Then, to comment on it.  Why?  I don’t know.  Kudos, I suppose.  Pats on the back.  I don’t get enough of that, and I really feel a need for it. 

What sounds interesting to you?

Wednesday, Wednesday


So, it’s late and I haven’t really got anything to say.  I thought of all sorts of information earlier today; all sorts of great ideas and topics… but it was a busy, busy day, and now I am just plain tired.  Today I had to get up extra early as Alan had a plane to catch, and tomorrow is a classroom day for Kiki so we can’t sleep in.  We need to research a science project idea, and get some stuff to do a history project… I was going to moan about, oh, I don’t know, something… but I think I’ll save it for another day!  I will just leave you with a picture…

How cute is my dog?!

I hate stevia


So you know I am doing this “healing diet” thing where we have tried to eliminate all sugars from our diet…. ‘real’ sugar, honey, agave, fruits, breads, starchy vegetables… the whole 9 yards.  We are supposed to do this for 3 months!  So, I really, really enjoy sweets, and baking, and this book we have contains some decent sounding recipes.  However, the only kinds of sweeteners we are allowed to use are stevia and xylitol.  Yuck, yuck, and yuck I cannot tell you how much I despise stevia.  Words will not suffice.  Tonight I tried yet another recipe – it would have been really yummy had I used sugar!  It was an almond crust, dark chocolate drizzle, strawberries and whipped cream.  Yeah.  I know. Sounds good, right?  Actually, Alan, Kiki, and Opa liked it.  Oma and I; not so much.  In fact, it’s been like 2 hours and I still have that yucky taste stuck in my tongue…. urgh!  Gross gross gross!

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there anything that works the same in the body that won’t make me want to puke?  I’d appreciate suggestions!

Iced latte… it’s not horrid, but it’s not a mocha!


 Well, I haven’t caved yet.  Still eating “ultra healthy”… at least in one group’s opinion.  Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?  You know, how “they” tell you that something is what you should eat, only to have “them” tell you a year later that you should never eat that??   Geez, how are we supposed to know?!  I really wonder if my current deal is really the right deal… time will tell, I guess….

Anyway, Kiki and I went out shopping today, just for fun.  We really, really wanted someting yummy to eat while we were out and about, but we behaved ourselves.    What we did get were iced lattes.  Generally, I am a mocha kind of girl.  Or at least a flavored latte… oooh, like almond!   But any form of sugar is out (and no, ‘sugar-free’ syrup has never been an option for me… I can’t stand that chemical stuff.)  So plain old lattes it was.  It wasn’t bad… when you’ve had no sugar at all, the sugar in the milk is kind of alright… No.  Actually, I’d really, really have rather had a mocha.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel??

Are people stupid, or just ignorant?


Tell me what you think…

I am sort of a nazi when it comes to car safety.  I think my car should be in good working order.  I don’t have alot of money, but I make sure I have tires that aren’t bald, good brake pads, seat belts…. pretty much the basics.  I believe in seat belts, and in using them correctly.  When my daughter was born, I read the booklets that came with my carseats, and put them in the car properly.  In fact, with all 3 seats from infant to toddler, I went to one of those free safety inspections the police sponsor, and each time was told I was the only person who had come through whose child seat was actually in correctly!  Really?? Sheezz.  I will not start the car when driving my daughter’s class on field trip until everyone is buckled up.  Correctly.  That means you may not have the shoulder strap under your arm! No one seems to comprehend the fact that shoulder belts don’t work that way!!  Morons?

So… here is the dilemma, and the question…..

Just over the last couple weeks,  there have been 3 separate occasions where my daughter has been riding in unsafe conditions (I didn’t know 2 of them until after the fact….)  One:  my sister’s car doesn’t have brakes, (okay, it must have some, but barely… I guess it takes for-ev-er to stop) but her husband seems to think it’s okay to drive it still.  As long as he goes slow, and stays far back.   Cause, hey, it will be expensive to fix!  More costly than the lives you will lose the day you can’t stop in time to avoid an accident??!  So, one day I found out my daughter had been driven in that car…. hey, risk your own necks if you want, but leave my family out of it!  Two:  my sister-in-law picked up my daughter for a sleepover.  Suddenly I am hearing “Oh, you two will have to double-buckle because that middle belt is broken.”  Who thinks this is okay??! Against my better judgement I let her go because – a) I was tired, I’d fought with her all the way over, this particular s-i-l is a total pain and I was not in the mood to hear the crap she’d pile on me if didn’t let my daughter ride with them – b) they only had a few blocks to go.  Total crap excuses, I know, and I prayed the whole way that they’d be safe.  Three:  My daughter went home with a friend after school.  She texts me on the way “mom, you’d be so unhappy if you knew what was happening”.  Great.  What?  Seems the mom has a 7 passenger van, and when she picked up her daughter and mine,  there were already 8 people in the car!   So two kids are double-buckled (again-really?!) one adult is on the seat without a belt, and one girl is sitting on the floor.  Yeah, my daughter was in a belt, but other unbuckled passengers can become missiles in the event of a crash.

Is it really that hard to understand?  Is it really that difficult to leave the excess people at home if you don’t have room in your car?  Is it really okay for you to endanger my child? Are you stupid, or just ignorant??!

Oh, that wasn’t really the question I wanted to ask…. I wonder, what would you do?  Do you let your kids roll around free in a car and hope for the best, or would you decline and always drive your kids yourself?

Is is almost Christmas??

I don’t feel like Christmas is coming,at all.  Which is a bummer, because I really love the Christmas Season.  Something about all the sparkle and glitz; pulling out my boxes of decorations and looking at all the wonderful things I’ve collected over the years… I just love that.  I’m not the kind of gal that decorates in a particular color or theme; no, I use all the precious things I’ve collected over the years, most of which have a story behind them ~ a special time, a vacation, making them together with someone special… I also go "all out", putting everything I own that’s "Christmasy" all over ~ when you are in my house, you know it’s Christmas!  I don’t think it’s in a gaudy or overdone way (I’m pretty sure Alan would let me know if it started to get ‘over-the-top").
Therein lies the reason that this year is gonna be a little rough.  Living in my parents’ home, not having my own space, my own place…. my mom is a pretty simple kind of gal… she puts up her little bottle-brush of an artificial tree, puts up a few little Christmasy things here and there, and she calls it ‘good’.   I’m not ‘dissing’ her style; it’s how she is, and that’s fine!  It’s just not how I am, so it makes things tough.  Yes, she’d let me put my stuff out if I wanted, but it’s not the same.  I don’t feel right invading her space, so to speak. 
The fact that we have no income is definately a spirit-squasher as well!  We have a little money in the bank, but that has to get us thru this ‘season’ of waiting for our business to take off – that won’t happen until spring.  So, every penny we spend is, well, sort of a ‘no-no’… and I would do it anyway, (that, also, sadly, is how I am!) but again, being here in my parents’ house, I feel like every little thing we do is scrutinzed.  And rightfully so!  I mean, we are living in their home, eating their food, using their utilities… they have a right to question our spending of money that we really can’t afford to spend.  But that makes it pretty tough to get Christmas for my daughter ~ or for anyone else.
I know, I know… Christmas is not about stuff.  Not stuff you put in your house, not stuff you put under your tree… but it sure feels like something big is missing without that stuff.

I wonder if I have any Blog friends left…..

I suppose I have been too long away from here.  I fell apart on the blogging when we moved to Virginia, tho I’m not sure why.  It’s not like I had sooo much to do there.  In fact, I probably had more interesting things to blog about, but didn’t.  Now that I am busy once again, I feel like blogging.  I’m weird I guess.  Yeah, like I didn’t know that before.  I don’t even have a computer of my own at the moment… but I am going to give it a go.

Can I just set my storage unit on fire?

Seriously, I am tired of going through – make that, attempting to go through – the stuff in my storage units.  Really, do I need it?  Well, yeah, a lot of it…. but, yuck.  I’m trying to sell a bunch of stuff on Crai*slist, and sheesh have I gotten a lot of stupid and annoying responses!  Wow.  The last three days weren’t too bad, because we’ve had a spell of not-too-hot and not-too-humid weather, so at least I wasn’t in total panic mode from the sweat dripping down my body… but that probably won’t last long! 
Speaking of my body, I’ve lost over 10 pounds!  No, not from sweating, lol!  Kiki and I started Weight Watchers, and we are doing pretty good so far.  Well, maybe not this week – it was Alan’s birthday, and he insisted on homemade cake and going out to eat…. jerk.  Okay, not really, I mean, yeah it was his birthday… but, still.  I’m not deep enough into this ‘eating plan’ to survive that, yet.  But we got back on track today, so we’ll be alright.
Weird how stuck I am on… well, being stuck.  I mean, there is a big part of me that almost wishes that we weren’t moving; a part of me who could stay right here in this tiny apartment – well, forever.  Because that would be…. easier.  Comfortable, somehow, to my crazy psyche.  The thought of all the effort that comes with moving is freaking me out.  Which is strange, because we have moved soooo many times, and I never felt like this before.  Well, except for last year when we moved here.  That’s why I finally had to hire movers to do a lot of it for me, because I was panicked into immovability.  Which may not be a real word.  I’m not sure what my problem is.
Well, off to bed – WW in the morning.
Some things never change!  No matter how many hairbands I pick up and put in the drawer, the cat always seems to find one…. and they always end up here….

Question of the Day!

Why is it, at least in the U.S., that the only "correct" number of children to have is either 2 (perfect) or 3 (normal and acceptable).   Go beyond that and people start to ask "why?".  "Why would you have so many kids?"  "What were you thinking?"  C’mon, you know someone who has their 4th or more, and people start to wonder about them.  I’ve heard the comments.  Worse yet, though, is having only one.  Then you really are a freak of nature – or selfish, or stupid.  Talk about "What were you thinking?"!!  Unless you aren’t able to have more, a notion people seem quite comfortable asking.   Why??  I’ve actually had someone tell me that I’m not a "real" mom because I’ve never had to deal with sibling fighting.  Really??  So, that painful kid-poppin’-out experience really didn’t happen?  I coulda sworn it did….. 
This is what I am wondering about today.