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I love my husband.  I do…keep telling yourself that….. I do, I do….. Have you ever heard "Love is a choice, not a feeling"?  ‘Cause right now, I am not feeling it!!    Why is it, if we both have a different view or memory of how something happened, he’s the one who is right.  It couldn’t be me, of course…. We’ve been having this discussion, we need to drive up to Seattle to pick up some restaurant equipment, and the actual time of this trip has been tossed around a bit.  I specifically remember saying I did not want to go this weekend because I have -, -, and – going on.  He specifically remembers saying it’s the only weekend that will work.  Why?  Why will it work – for him, not for me, but somehow that doesn’t matter??  We had also discussed upcoming weekends, and pros and cons of some, but I don’t remember that we ever said THIS IS THE ONLY WEEKEND WE CAN GO, SO WE HAVE TO DO IT NOW.   However, this is how he remembers it, therefore it is the way it happened.  End of story.  I am willing to say "gosh, I don’t remember that being said, but maybe" but he is always sureGrowl.  So I am at the fabric store with my mom, trying to find a pattern for an Easter dress for Kiki, and he calls and asks if I want to leave right after his meeting in the morning, or we can go later in the afternoon.  I’m like "wha….???"  I’ll admit, I am also absolutely horrid at multi-tasking.  My brain was in "sew" gear, and it doesn’t jump quick to "trip" gear… I said I’d call him back, and aparently that was a personal insult to him.  When I did call back later, he was all ticked off, like "I thought you’d be excited about taking a trip"….yeah, sure, but give me a sec to collect my thoughts, eh?  Now he won’t decide when to go – it’s all up to me (I mean, a.m. or p.m., I guess he’s going this weekend with or without me…..another growl…..)  I got so dang mad at him over the phone, I hung up on him!  I haven’t done that in….years.  Honestly.  I’m not sure why I’m so mad….Because he says we have to go, but then it’s my responsibility to figure out when??  Because he treats me like I’m the only one who might possibly forget exactly how a conversation went??  Because his events and schedules are important, and mine count for nothing??    Crap.  I know I have to call him back and apologize for hanging up on him.  Crap-a-doodle-doo.  Then I have 87 more phone calls to make arrangements for the lessons we are going to miss, events we won’t be attending….do laundry….pack…..make pet care arrangements….he doesn’t have to do any of that….. .grrrrrrr.      breathe….just breathe…..