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It’s all over but the carnage (also, 2 more Christmas gift craft ideas)


Welcome to The Day After.


Actually, it’s never too bad at our house.  As soon as the stockings are emptied, before the unwrapping begins, someone goes and grabs a trashbag and we clean as we go.  Still, at this point we are left with dozens of boxes that need to be put somewhere, and gifts and stuff that need to be put away in an already full house.

The space under the tree is empty. (My dream is one day to have a not-cheesy-tree-skirt…and a real tree.  I can’t stand fake ones, but such is life at the moment.  So no giggling at mine.)

Stuff needs to go someplace… soon…

One of my fave gifts this year is a new coffee cup!  I’ve been wanting one that is just mine and just right (I’m rather picky.) Living in my folk’s house, I’ve just used theirs; I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna unpack a kitchen box or 12 just to find my favorite coffee mug.  So here is my new one!  I actually picked it out; Kiki and I were shopping and I loved it, so she “snuck” it into my shopping cart, lol. We do that when she’s Christmas shopping for me.  (Gosh, at World Market this year she picked out a bunch of stocking stuffers for me, put her little handbasket in my cart, and had me look the other way while she placed them on the counter and the gal bagged the stuff!) Yeah, obviously I paid for my own stuff, but it’s the thought that counts..?

It’s beautiful, a white-on-white design.  The picture really doesn’t capture just how pretty it is.  I adore little wild birdies – the other gift she picked out for me (again, while we were together, this time at the tree festival!) was this little snowy, pineconey guy that I set with a couple of my other birdie friends –

Oh! Here are some pics of more craft – gift projects.  One is another ‘thrift shop plate and cups’ jewelry holder for one of my nieces.  Her room is painted with these huge circles on the walls, so we were so excited to find this plate!

The other is a stuffed animal (well, it might be an animal. I dunno) that is made from a sock. This was a last minute gift (for Kiki’s stuffie friend) so altho it would have looked nicer with an embroidered face, I just used a Sharpie and called it good.  It only took about a half hour or so to make.  Would’ve been quicker if I’d sewn it on the machine but everyone was in bed so I didn’t want to make noise (the sewing room is across the hall from my parent’s bedroom.)

Well, it’s nearly 2pm, so perhaps I should go take a shower now.  I hate to leave the quiet of the moment, as everyone else is out and about and I have a little time to myself – which is rare here.  I am loving it!  However, they will be returning soon, so I guess I should get dressed or something….

Hope everyone had a wonderful (at least mostly wonderful) Christmas!

Sunday Sweets ~ Stuff I Like


Here is what I am wondering today… when does a little collection become an obsession?  At what point – what number, what amount – do you need to just stop?!  I adore little wild bird statues.  I actually like real wild birds, but since I have cats I worry about putting out bird feeders… because, is that just luring the dear little things in so my cats can catch and eat them?  Which would be kinda mean…  So I collect fake birdies.  I didn’t mean to really collect them, I just like them so much that I can’t help buying them when I see one I like.  And now, I have a lot!  Most I can’t show you because they are in storage, but here is a little sampling:

Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s a crummy photo.  But since today’s thing-I-like is all about my little birdies, and since most of my stuff is in storage, this will have to suffice.

I love little birdie things.  They make me smile, and who can’t use a little more happiness?  So, this picture is of a mirror in a mirror, but what I’m trying to show you is the metal bird candleholder, the little metal bird on the mantle, and then off to the right side is a white ceramic bird on a ceramic apple… you can barely see that.

Now, here are a few slightly better pictures… these are actually birds I have gotten since we moved back home, and even tho I tell myself  ~ don’t buy stuff – you’ve nowhere to put it! ~ I still do.  Hey, a couple of them were gifts!  One was even in my Christmas stocking. (Okay, I bought it myself to put in my stocking, but still…)

This little guy I loved so much I actually packed it in my suitcase when we moved from Virginia because I knew I’d want at least a little something to decorate my room until I was able to unpack my household goods.

The little one here I bought because… well, I just had to.  And then Alan bought me the mama to keep the little guy company.

Here is the little crowned bird I bought for my own Christmas stocking….

And then there are the cardinals.  About my favorite thing from Virginia.  One I bought on a trip to visit the inlaws, and the other my sister gave me at Christmastime. 

 The whole little flock….. (on a piece of furniture to be featured in another week’s Sunday Sweets!)

What sort of thing do you have way too many/much of?