Flu shots, football, and other foolishness


I don’t get football. I see no reason to watch it. A bunch of grown men running around playing a game that, sure, might be fun for them; but why do I want to watch it? Why would I care? How would it affect my own life? Just. Don’t. Care. My mom and my husband watch it. Whatever. I get sort of a kick out of watching my mom watch it. 🙂

Then there are those flu shots. Flu shots are stupid. Yeah, I said it. I don’t know if Hugh Jackman meant what he said or was kidding but I don’t care. (I mean, he’s adorable, so I don’t care!! Lol. I love the fact he’s married to a gal way older than him who is also kinda wrinkly, and chubby… and he seems to adore her. Yay him!!) But back to the flu shot…. I am not against all vaccinations. We have made some big strides in eradicating some nasty diseases.  However, I think we need to be careful, for one thing – not all vaccines are for all people.

But this stupid flu shot!! They “guess” which flu might be coming for the season and those are the ones they vaccinate against… but there are literally thousands of flu strains, and quite often they get it wrong. Nobody in my house got the flu shot. 3 out of 5 of us got the flu. Sound bad? Yeah. But 2 of those had one sort of flu and 1 had another. And I was stuck with all of them, and I didn’t get it at all.  Just in my mom’s circle of friends, 3 people she knows who got the flu shot got the flu.  So that was a biiiig help. The doctor even admitted to one of these people that they chose the wrong flu to vaccinate against.  Yeah. You’ve heard of “practicing medicine”, right?? Yeah. A “Doctor’s Practice“? Ummhmmm.

Here is my theory – the Big Pharmaceuticals are also the Board of Directors at all the med schools. They hire all the teachers. They teach “what medicine to prescribe” rather than “how to uncover what’s really wrong and how to treat for it”. Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Maybe.

Other foolishness? Just… my life. I am so tired of being – sad. So. Tired. And I see absolutely no end to it. The stuff that bothers me? It will never be any different. I mean, not the big stuff. Some things may get better, sure. But the core issues? I don’t think anything can be done.

So sad.


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  1. Totally understand the sadness thing. I am going through the same thing…..
    I have a Dr’s appt next week, I do not want to accept this as the way that I have to live.
    Please don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. I don’t know you other than from reading your blog, but I know that you deserve happiness…

    • I think we all deserve happiness 🙂 Glad you are looking into what you can do. I took antidepressants for awhile, thought I was okay… now I am not completely sure! I am still thinking about what steps to take next. I hope you find some solutions to your issues.

  2. Welllll, I like football – a lot! I sat here with my Seahawks jersey and held my breath in the last quarter! Yea, I know I live in the northeast but I love my Seattle team!

    As for your sadness, I know you have faith. Have you tried anti-depressants? Sometimes our chemicals are low and need some help. hugs

    • It’s funny you like the Seahawks! Since we lived in Seattle for a few years, that is my hubby’s #2 team, lol. His #1, though, is Pittsburgh. (Lots of family from that area and they are all big fans!)
      I did take antidepressants for awhile when I was at my deepest & darkest. They helped for sure, but I don’t really feel like taking them forever. I certainly have lots of moments of happiness now, so it’s not all sadness – so I am in a quandry, of sorts, trying to decide just what to do. I do appreciate your concern 🙂

  3. I hate football.

    And I have never had a flu shot. Nor would I ever get one. My sister always gets the flu shot. She got the flu and was sick as a dog for two weeks over Christmas. Plus her arm hurt for weeks. Last year, her arm hurt after the shot for a month and she got frozen shoulder because of it.
    Plus there is Formaldehyde in the flu shot. They use that for dead people. Not putting that in me. And there are Aluminum salts. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers. Nope. Plus there is egg in it and I am allergic to eggs.
    The last (and only) time I had the flu was in 1997. I truly think it is more about a person’s own immune system.
    I am an RN and I am lucky that the place I work at doesn’t insist we get the flu shot. I wouldn’t anyway but it is easier not to have a fight about it.
    That is different that other immunizations like measles and stuff.

    Sorry about your saddness!!!!!!!

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