Another craft project – Paper Wish Tree


My sister is throwing a baby shower for her daughter-in-law, (her first grandbaby!!) and we were looking for decoration ideas. She found this tree thingie – it’s made of “heavy-weight” paper, and it stands up and you can put hand written “wishes” on it, or money, or, whatever I guess, as long as it’s lightweight.  This piece of paper, however, costs $40.!  Sheesh! So of course I have to open my big mouth and say “Gosh, couldn’t you just make this out of that foam-core posterboard?”

Yeah. Guess what I’ve been doing tonight?

Started with posterboard and some tree ideas…


Sketched a tree onto one half of the board…

Then I asked my dad if he had an exacto knife. Now, asking my dad if he has a tool is like asking Purina if they make dog food.  I mean, duh. So I knew he’d have one… but HOLEYCOW!! 

This is what he brought out…

My dad is da‘tool bomb! Really, who has this stuff??!

Look – it even has little saw blades!

So. Cool.

Well, cutting through that foam-core poster board was way harder than I thought it would be. Of course. I may never be able to bend my wrist again. But,  I have one side cut out.  Urgh. One more to go…

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