Pride goeth before a fall


OhMyGosh I cannot quit eating!!  All through the weeks leading up to Christmas I was feeling so proud of myself because I was NOT overeating. I baked cookies, and gave them away. The ones that did stay I was able to restrain myself from.  I did soooo well. Until the actual day of Christmas!  Well, actually, even then.  It really didn’t get bad until New Year’s Eve.  I have no idea what happened.  Maybe the stress of “I have to make Resolutions now” or something??  No clue. But, it all has fallen apart. I eat and eat and eat… most of it not good stuff.

Good thing my mom bought Kiki and me a WII Fit for Christmas… I better get busy. Get my body busy, instead of my mouth!


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  1. oh my, it’s the same thing here! I had been losing some pounds and was proud of it. And now….yikes! Best wishes and I need to get to work too. ( glad I am not alone in this behavior)

  2. I had to laugh when I read this post. I have been eating so so much over the holidays. Chex Mix was my big nightmare- ha.

    The good news is I’m back from the Midwest and returning to healthy eating habits… Slowly…

    • Ooooh… Chex Mix! I wish I had some! Okay, no, not really… ’cause I’d eat it all, right this minute. And today has been a pretty good day so far… good luck with getting back on track!

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