Stuff that’s weird


I think I will start a whole category here on my blog for this. Because life is full of weird stuff.  What I’m thinking of now is the weather here in Idaho. It isn’t winter right now. Not one stinkin’ flake of snow for Christmas. We have this weird pattern of it being freezing cold and dry as a bone, then when we finally get a little precipitation, the temps jump up to 40 or 50 degrees. Rain. Not snow. For an Idaho winter. The other day – Christmas Eve, I think – I was sitting on the back porch in my rocking chair, in sweats and a short sleeve shirt, just soaking up the sun. I was so warm!  Ok, my husband came out and was like “geez, aren’t you cold?” and I couldn’t figure why he’d ask me that. Of course, when I went inside I checked the thermometer, and the temperature was only 30 degrees out. It seemed warm to me.  Weird.

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  1. It’s been exactly like that here this year, too (New York’s Adirondack Park). More rain than snow, ski resorts are freaking out, and I just recently stopped running to the dumpster in bare feet (it finally dropped to single digits and below this week — a very late start to an Adirondack winter). By the way, when my husband and I drove across country, Idaho was one of my favorite places. Consider yourself lucky!

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