Parenting is painful if you want to do it right


I. Am. Going. Insane. 

Kiki wants to read “The Hunger Games”.  Any book she wants read, I read first, to make sure it’s acceptable and appropriate.  Generally, I don’t mind this.  I love reading, and usually we like the same… genre?… I guess.  I have had no desire at all to read this set of books (there are 3 in the series). One of my nieces read them, and I had checked into them a bit back then – the storyline is nothing I am interested in at all. 

In case you haven’t heard of this book – although how could you not, since it’s being turned into a movie as we speak! – the premise is some post-apocolyptic America where every year 20-some teens have to participate in a televised fight-to-the-death forced on them by the government because of some long past rebellion.  Yeah. Yee-haw for fun reading, right?!

Kiki’s never been one for doing something because everyone else is, (she didn’t get into Harry Potter or Twilight at all)  but for some reason she is really interested in this book series.  Well, today Alan went to the library for a book he wanted so he looked for the first book for me – yeah, there are like 200 people on the waiting list!  So, this afternoon I was at Target, and they had the paperback on sale so I bought it.  So far I have read just 9 pages and I hate this book.  Even if I look past the whole stupid storyline of the book, I really dislike the main character so far.  She’s…. heartless.   Despises her mother, tried to drown a cat, killed a lynx who befriended her (she “almost regretted it”). 

Here’s my deal:  Life is hard. Sometimes, life sucks. If I am going to invest my precious spare time reading a story, I want it to be NOT life -ie: uplifting, hopeful, happy. I am pretty sure this is not that kind of story!

I am going to read this book.  I really don’t want to.  But, I will. And then I will tell Kiki she can’t read them.  HA!!

I can do that, ’cause I’m the mom.

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  1. I normally never leave comments on blogs I read but this one just upset me. If you don’t allow your daughter to read books she wants to read and can only read books you want to read that is so wrong. You aren’t allowing her to form her own opinions and to grow as het own person. By limiting her acres to books you might as well be burning/banning books. Are you trying to turn her into a clone of you? If so, think about it. Do you really want her to be as unhappy with her life as you are with yours. I have daughter in college that in fourth grade she wanted to read Passage to India. I let her, I never limited what she could read and encouraged her to read many different kinds of books. Now she is working towards a double PhD in English Literature and film

    • Believe me, my daughter is very much her own person. In no way would I want her to be a clone of me, and I am not suggesting that. I don’t “only let her read books I want to read”. Did you miss the part where I am currently reading this book that I have no desire to read because she wants to read it?? Also I failed to mention that SHE ASKED ME TO READ IT FIRST. She is incredibly sensitive to certain issues, and she knows this, and she trusts my judgement. She knows me well enough to know that I love her and have her best interests in mind. I don’t care if she reads books that I don’t like; I mean if they are poorly written, or sappy, not my cup of tea, whatever. But, I know my child very well, know what would cause her distress or sleepless nights, and she knows that, which is why she asked me to ‘preview’ the book for her.
      I also hope you understood that my saying I wouldn’t allow her to read it was tongue-in-cheek. I can’t make that determination until I’ve completed the book. My “liking” it won’t be the call; my decision as a parent on whether or not this material is suitable for my daughter at this moment in her life will be the determining factor.

  2. I agree with you 100%, Mama. We have to be so careful with the limited time we have to screen our children’s reading and tv material. Once something has been read or seen, it is in our minds forever.

    You are a fantastic mom. Please keep on doing what you are doing!

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