Cheap Christmas Craft – mug and saucer jewelry holder


We are pretty strapped financially this year, as are so many people in this lousy economy.  I really wracked my brain to dredge up some ideas for gifts that wouldn’t cost much.  This gift was, by far, the least expensive thing I came up with!  The following pictures are the one I made for Kiki; I will post pics of two others we are making after they are done.  (for a couple of her cousins)

I bought the “parts” at the thrift shop – 50 cents apiece for the cup and plate, and 20 cents for the spoon.  I had the glue, so of course that didn’t cost me anything… altho, if you had to buy it (E6000) I think it’s around $4.00 a tube, and it will go a looooong way…

So, total cost to me on this gift – $1.20.

I glued the mug to the side of the plate, and the spoon inside the mug.  I had to hammer the spoon a bit to get it at the correct angle.


A different view –

See how you can put necklaces in the mug, or on the saucer, and hang earrings over the edge? Also, rings can slide down the spoon (not all rings, the spoon is sort of thick so it depends on the size of your rings – of course, the new fashion rings with stretchy bands will go, and that’s most of what the girls have right now!)

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