Christmas memories – never peek at your presents


I have known people who are experts at finding their hidden Christmas gifts. Not just children, but adults as well.  I’ve even heard of people who have unwrapped then re-wrapped their gifts under the tree because they couldn’t wait to see what they were getting.  NOT me. No way.

See, I did that one year.  I really, really wanted a train set. Wanted it so bad I could feel it.  (not as bad as all those years I wanted a horse, but while the horse was one of those things I knew I’d never get, the train set seemed possible)  One day I was home alone, and there was a gift for me under the tree that seemed like the right size!  I thought I couldn’t stand not knowing and that I’d be so excited to know if I was really getting my train!  So – I peeked.  I carefully unwrapped the end of the gift and looked in… sure enough, it was my train set.  I was prepared to be happy.  I wasn’t prepared for the let-down I felt.  Now I knew what I was getting.  I knew exactly what I was getting, and it was just what I wanted. And I also knew I would not be surprised on Christmas morning. There was nothing to really look forward to… in a weird way. Even though I was still excited about getting that train set – but somehow the wonder was taken out of the day.

I learned.  I learned it quick.  I never, ever again peeked at a Christmas gift.  And whether I got what I was hoping for or not, it was always better if it was a surprise.


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