Advent Calendar Wreath – post try 2

Alrighty – I will attempt to post these pictures so you can see what I did!  Here we go….
Look close – you’ll see all the glitter I dumped in the grass!  Sheesh…
So I spray painted the grapevine wreath silver –
I bought some ‘candy favor boxes’, 24 for only $4.35.  24 boxes – perfect!
After I numbered them, I realized they would be hanging lengthwise, so I probably should’ve written on them sideways instead –
I painted some and put a few stickers on…
It made the cat happy… then they were ready to fill
I used a hole punch to make a hole in each box, then hung the boxes from the wreath with ornament hooks –
Hanging it was the harderst part!  I used one of those 3M removable hook deals, but the ceiling there is over 9′ high… I am 5’2″… I had to use a stepladder AND a really long stick to put it up there!!  But it’s ready to count down the days ’til Christmas!
p.s.  Oliver is doing well, ya think?

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