Update on Oliver cat boy


Again on the computer!  Sheesh.  This time getting checked out by the other cat.  He is doing fairly well… the swelling has gone way down, his paw is just a wee bit swollen. I am soaking it twice a day, but the holes don’t seem to be draining anything.  I’m not sure at this point if that is good or bad – cats can tend toward abscesses, so hopefully he’s going to just heal up without complications.  He’s using the litter box, so that’s a plus (for his health, anyway… not like I love cleaning it!)  He’s getting very anxious to get back outdoors, so we are really having to be alert to where he is so he doesn’t bolt out the door when the dogs are coming in or out.

Right now he is lying down at my feet under the table here.  I am rubbing his head with my foot, and he is stretched out with his legs on my leg.  He is such a sweet guy. When I try to rub Matty’s head with my foot (he also tends to curl up under the dining table when I am on my computer) he generally bites me!

Well, I’d like to head off to bed, but Alan and his buddy are out in the workshop smoking cigars and drinking… um, drinking… brandy, I think it was.  Some $70.00 a bottle stuff – don’t even ask me how ridiculous I find that!  Anyhoo, I was going to get Oliver settled out there in the shop for the night…  but maybe Alan will have to take that assignment if he’s going to be much longer!

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