That darn dog!!


I logged on here  to post something semi-happy… you know, not all sad and grumpy like I usually post.  But then I had to go punish my parents’ dog for stealing the bagels out of the pantry!  So, I guess you’ll have to wait to hear me not-mope.  😉 Later!

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  1. Our late lamented miniature Jack Russell once ran off with an easter egg larger than herself. She also had been in the habit of jumping up on to the kitchen table and stealing whatever she could get her teeth into ( a plate fo sausages once). She subsequently was run over by a car and lost a leg. She then had to content herself with whatever could be begged or fell from the diners.

    A friend had a St. Bernard. He once stole a leg of lamb and took it out to the garden to eat. The family who had assembled to eat it were not too impressed.

    Count your blessings!

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