It’s finally summer!


Officially, it’s the second day of summer. To me, it was the first.  I actually left the house to DO something today, pneumonia or no.  Because I am tired of being in the house.  Okay, that and I had agreed weeks ago to take Kiki to meet a pack of other teenie-girls at the local … well, the local… huh.  I don’t know what you call it…. amusement emporium?  Play place?  Fun zone?   It’s a place with lazer tag, mini-golf, bumper cars, bumper boats, arcade… that sort of deal.  I would have put it off but she’s got a friend visiting from out of state who won’t be here much longer, and the get together was sort of for her, so it couldn’t be put off.  My big deal was to drive there (under 10 minutes from our house) and then I sat in a chair the whole time her pack ran feral and invaded the space.  Then I drove home.  And this is sooooo dumb – by the time we got back, I was absolutely exhausted and had to go to bed.  This pneumonia is really kicking my butt!  But I will prevail; yes, I will prevail.  You wait and see!

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