Summer’s NOT supposed to be about feeling sorry for yourself!


And yet, I am.  Why?  Well, my first full, free, whole week of actual summer vacation and I have spend the entire week sick in bed! I don’t just mean not feeling well, I am talking full-on please-let-me-die-to-be-out-of-this-misery sick.  After one false start at the doctors (“well, it’s too late to be flu, hmm, lets just assume it’s bronchitis, here – take this”)  I returned 4 days later to tell the doc I didn’t feel one smidge better and perhaps a true diagnosis ought to be made and such…and what do you know?  Tests were done, xrays taken… I have stupid, stinkin’ pnuemonia! What’s annoying is that if she’d done the tests earlier, I’d probably feel all better by now – because she prescribed me a much stronger antibiotic and after having taken just one dose, I already feel better, and haven’t run a fever all day.  (I’ve been running a fever between 101 and 103 all week).  I can’t sleep for having to hear myself breathe (it’s all crackles and pops and crunckles…. like Rice Crispies! not much snapping, that’d be a weird sound to hear from your lungs, eh?) And really annoying to listen to.

Kiki’s friend arrived from Alaska today.  Yeah, we are hosting a visitor and I am on death’s door… how do these things work out? I haven’t even made an appearance yet – I am so afraid of giving anyone cooties!  I mean, my parents are here, and Alan is home now… it’s not like I’ve left the kids to their lonesome or anything; but Kiki just came in and informed me it’s “really weird” that I haven’t said hello to her friend yet.  Well, I’ve never claimed to be anything besides “really weird”, so I guess that works for me!  I am praying things take a huge turn for much much better in the morning!

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