Birthdays, Cake pops, and how to make a square cake look round without even trying


Tomorrow we are celebrating both my husband’s and my dad’s birthdays (they are just one day apart).  My husband is a cake lover extraodinaire.   Kiki and I share this love, although certainly not to the same extent!

My extended family doesn’t like cake.  Freaks.  So… they can eat flowers out of the garden – just leaves more cake for us, eh? I think my sis is bringing a pie or something… whatev.

So I made German Chocolate Cake, which is the cake lover’s #1 Cake of choice.  My mom had this recipe for “Upside Down German Chocolate Cake”, and it sounded easy as well as yummy.  Okay, it sounded wierd, because all I could think of was that upside down pineapple cake thingie which I think is hideous but this is nothing like that….  I thought Alan wouldn’t go for it since he’s all about the gooey coconut/pecan frosting, but he said it sounded good so Yay!  Because it was pretty easy, and none of that whole cooking the frosting bit, and the cake layers sliding off… yeah, except I am kinda brain-dead today, so when it was time to turn the cake upside down I forgot to  loosen the edges, so the entire outer edge of the cake stayed behind in the pan.  Juh-eeeeze, right?

Yeah.  So, I “fixed” it.  Uh-huh.  That’s what I did.  I stuck all those outside edges on it and glued it together with some icing glaze.  My husband, ever so gracious (okay, usually not, but I guess since I was making him cake he was feeling nicer than usual) and he said it looked amazing – like an old-fashioned donut, lol!  Also, he got to eat some of the scraps and he said it tastes fantastic, so there.  The weirdest thing is that the cake was baked in a 9in. square, and now it’s round.  Go figure.

Then there’s the cake pops.  He’s been jonesing for some of these ever since my sister made them for my nephew’s graduation party… so I made him some of these as well.  I only used half the frosting it called for because the ones I’ve tasted before are almost too sweet and too gooey.  They came out really good… at least he says so!  I made them with Red Velvet cake, ’cause that’s his next favorite.

I just used a cake mix, because really, you’re gonna mush it up so what the heck, right?  So you crumble it all into a bowl…

…stir in some icing….

melt some of those candy coating things…

And there ya go!  Yummy!!

I hope tomorrow will be a good birthday!

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