She might look like an angel…


… but actually, she’s a teenager. 

 Good grief, what a morning we’ve had.  When she gets stressed, she yells – usually at me.  Because I am generally the one around, I suppose.  I’ll be glad when school is over for the season.  Then I think we’ll spend the summer teaching her to clean and do her laundry because I am tired of doing it all.  My own fault – I should have started making her do this stuff a long time ago, but I have a tendency to prefer to do it myself because 1) it gets done correctly and I’m picky 2) I don’t like arguing with her, and making her do stuff tends to cause arguements 3) I don’t do my “chores” often enough so I’m usually in a big hurry to get it done and don’t have the time to show her things.  Ugh.

She’s a pretty dang good kid for a teenager, honestly.  But, still.  There is just something about that time of life, huh?  The condition of her hair was making her life absolutely tragic this morning.  I never realized that as a parent you totally have to relive that stupidness.  sigh

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  1. Marissa has done her own laundry since she was 10. I still do it for her some times but it is HER JOB so it is up to her to get it done/make sure it is done. That is a just stand back and let her do it the way she wants kind of thing.

    About the grocery prices: yeah, prices in Canada tend to be a lot more expensive than the US. I have lived in the US a couple times, and now live right near the US/Canada border so when I go over, I am still amazed at how much cheaper things are in the US. Example $2 for a loaf of bread in Canada vs $1 right across the border at TOPS. I grocery shop at a cheap store NoFrills- so it is cheaper, except for veggies, which tend not to be as good there. Plus Canada doesn’t have the coupons that the US has (I used to use coupons all the time when I lived in the US.)

    • Good for you for teaching Marissa to do her laundry. Again, it’s one of those deals I am so picky about – I hate spending money on clothes only for them to get ruined – so I tend to want to do it myself. (I am totally anal about laundry – I am, just the past few months, beginning to put more stuff in the dryer, I hung almost everything on the drying rack – most of our shirts and pants look new after tons of washings, but it takes too long now that I have to share laundry facilities…) I guess I just have to get over that!
      Bummer about grocery prices being higher there – because honestly, they are bad enough here! Do you not have coupons at all? I don’t use them as much as I should, but I try.

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