Today was definately a better day!


Yesterday began with me cutting a lovely chunk out of the end of my thumb while I chopped onions for our breakfast.  I was trying to make scrambled eggs with onions and cheese.  Thank goodness the knife took a hunk out of my nail first; that probably slowed it down before it sliced into my thumb.  I then proceeded to smash one egg all over the counter instead of into the pan.  Then I burned the butter, burned the onion, burned the eggs.  I may not be a great cook, but I’ve never burnt eggs before!  The next lovely event was a math meltdown while we were doing school.  Good grief, how I hate math!  I’ve never been good at it, but trying to teach it to a 7th grader brings the despair to a whole new level.  So, we were doing “scale”… as in, scale models, blue prints, doll houses…. The dumb part is, I know how to do it.  I could answer the problems in my head – but, to try to explain it using the methods the book teaches?  No way.  I don’t even get what they are doing in there!  It’s making it much harder than it needs to be, in my opinion.  And when Kiki doesn’t understand something right off, she gets frustrated.  When she gets frustrated, she gets mad.  When she gets mad at school, she gets mad at me… I am the teacher, after all!  No, of course she doesn’t get mad at her classroom teacher!  We finally got thru that little bit of hell, and it was time for me to go to work.  And my car wouldn’t start.  No sir.  So I pulled out my AAA card to call for a truck, and oh wholly crap…. my membership expired 3 days ago.  Could it just get any better??  Yes indeedy, a lovely, lovely day.

This morning I barely wanted to get out of bed to face the day.  First off, I called AAA, and guess what?  They have a grace period, so I could still get service. The tow truck driver came, and he was super nice, and recommended a repair shop just 15 minutes up the road.  I was truly panicked about what was wrong and how much it was going to cost (because we are lower than broke at the moment). I was also worried about how long I would be without a car!  I hate that.  This afternoon, the mechanic called and said I could pick up my car – really?!  Then the best news of all – it was a short in the battery, which if you can believe this, was still under warranty!!  Seriously, does that ever happen?  Don’t things always go wrong the month after the warranty is over?!  This still had one month left!  Not only did he have the new battery delivered to his shop, but he replaced it completely for free!!  He didn’t charge me a dime for his time!!  Does that ever happen?  Not in my world.  At least not in the past.  My car works, and it cost me nothing but a bit of time.  (and a little stress!)  My thumb is healing, I didn’t burn the cold cereal this morning, we had no meltdowns.

Yep, today was definately a better day.

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