Diet? What diet?


Oh, yeah.  Milk chocolate with cornflakes.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

This is what I ate today.  Well, and a cereal bowl-full of potato chips. 

See, the day started out okay.  I made eggs and organic turkey bacon for breakfast, and some awesome smoothies for lunch.  Not a bad day… yet.

Organic milk, frozen strawberries, spinach, cocoa, and xylitol…. mega tasty, I swear!

Then Oma had to run out at the last minute for a grandchild’s concert, and she took Kiki with her.  That left me, Alan and Opa at home to fend for ourselves for dinner.  No big deal, as the husband is a pretty decent cook – however, tonight he decided to make super-spicy chili.  Now, chili is never a good meal for me; doesn’t work with the reflux.  Since this diet started, however, my reflux isn’t so bad… but, toss in that mega-spicy bit and I was a goner.  Not only did it burn all the way down no matter how much cheese and sour cream I added, or how much milk I drank…. but it burned coming back up as well.  I knew from the get-go that meal wouldn’t stay in my tummy!  I think, secretely, that the spouse must be trying to kill me….

Anyway, then I was hungry, and irritated.  Not to mention there had been non-food-related stressors earlier in the day… so that explains the chips and chocolate.  And I enjoyed it.


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