I hate mean people… and being broke… and not having my own home…. and….


Alright, this post is going to be a total whine party, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, you should probably read elsewhere…. ’cause I am totally upset and I feel a need to spew….

I may or may not have written here how we moved “back home” from Virginia because we were miserable there, and my husband decided to quit his job and start his own business.  He has been in this industry for ages, and loves the actual work, but he’s tired of the corporate BS…..  We had moved to VA because he’d been laid off – twice – and we HAD to go elsewhere to find work.  Well, so we thought.  Had we been slightly more intelligent, we’d have thought of starting our own business before we moved everything we owned 2,500 miles across country… just to move it 2,500 miles back…. duh.  Maybe at that rate we could’ve kept our home, instead of having to short-sale it and still owe $25,000. on a house we no longer own…. sigh…..

Anyway, one day while in Virginia I was whining (not really, just complaining... there is a difference!) and my parents lovingly suggested we get the heck out of the East and could stay with them while we got back on our feet.  Totally gracious of them.  So here we are.  And I’m grateful.  Honestly.  But I really, really want to move out and have my own place!!  I am faaaar too old to live with mom and dad.  I mean, I have a kid of my own.  And that husband guy….

So… we’ve been working getting the business up and running.  We’ve seen the attorney, gotten all our paperwork and registrations and licensing and blah-di-blah-di-blah.  Dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”.  Printing up forms, decals on the truck, getting a uniform embroidered.  The whole 9 yards.

Before all this could happen, we had to choose a name (obviously).  We put a lot of thought into it, and after we decided what we wanted we did some research, just to be sure no one else had that same name locally.  Only 1 guy had a very similar name, and as far as we could tell was no longer in business – he had no phone book listing, no ads, no web site, nothing.  Only the name registered with the state… and there are thousands of businesses who have gotten a business license with the state but who are no longer in business.  So, we ran with it.  Later, we had a guy my husband knows tell us that yeah, this guy is still in business.. but, he doesn’t really do the same stuff we are going to do… same industry, different work, if you follow that.  Like, we both are in the apparel business, but I only sell dresses and he only sells shoes…. got it?  We wouldn’t be stealing each other’s customers.  (and, no.  we aren’t in the clothing business…. :-)…)

All of a sudden, this guy has a web page.  (not nearly as nice or as professional as ours I might add!).  And, he called my husband and is threatening to sue us!  Seriously.  I don’t think he has any grounds, honestly…. but I’m no legal whiz.  We are going to call our attorney and figure out what the heck… but, in the meantime, we are sort of “grounded”… when I got the call today, I was in the process of lacing up my shoes to go out and put out flyers advertising the business, hoping  for some customers.  No customers, no getting my own home, you know? 

I was already depressed and uptight when I got up this morning.  Now I am depressed, uptight, and pissed off.  Nice combo.

Now I really want a cookie.

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