I want candy…


Or maybe cookies.  Yeah.  Cookies Mmmm… chocolate chip. I am so tired of this stupid “healing diet”.  The stuff we eat isn’t so bad – in fact, my husband and my mom have found some pretty inventive ways to prepare meals, and we’ve had some pretty decent dinners.  The problem is what we can’t eat.  Dear Lord, please send me some manna!  I mean, that’s like, sweet crunchy stuff, right?  Okay, so I guess I can understand why the Israelites got so stinkin’ tired of that stuff… just because there wasn’t any variety.  That is the reason I am so dang tired of eggs!  No variety!  I like eggs; really, I do.  But, it’s about the only thing we can have for breakfast.  No toast, no cold cereal, no oatmeal…. urgh.  At this point I wouldn’t care if I never saw another egg for a very long time.  Lunch is generally apples, cheese, and almond butter.  Again, I like this food… but I am getting sick of this food.   But, mostly, to be totally honest, what I hate most about eating like this is the lack of goodies Sugar!!  I want sugar!

Okay… we’ve been cheating.  Yeah, I’ve had some sugar.  More than once.  A mocha and scone here, some frozen yogurt there… I can’t help myself.  I still think we are doing alright.  We are still eating way healthier than we’ve been in the past; we are more aware of what we are eating, all that rot.  But I feel guilty because people think we’re totally doing this thing… people like my family.  Well, extended family.  We little family of three are cheating together, lol.  I was never happy about everyone knowing about our ‘diet plan’ to begin with, because it has always been my experience that to let folks know about your dieting is asking for trouble!  Yeah, you either get people telling you “oh, go ahead, you can eat this!” or people that say “should you be eating that?” or…. the list goes on.   I hate having everyone think that my eating is their business, ya know?!  

Well, don’t tell anyone what I’ve been eating, okay?  My pants are getting loose, so I must not be doing all bad.

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