Stuff you never want to hear about yourself ~ but probably will if you have kids


Even though I was a Southern California girl, and adored hanging out at the beach, I did not have one of those mega-bronze tans.  Oh, sure, I got a tan; after all, it was in the ‘olden days’, before they decided any sun at all would give us skin cancer.  So I was careful, getting tanned slowly, and using sun screen.  Except when I wasn’t actually at the beach.    Yeah… somehow I forgot that the sun was still hot when I was somewhere besides the beach.  I’m kinda dumb like that.  So over the course of my lifetime I got quite a few sunburns, mostly on my face and the part of my neck and chest my tshirts didn’t cover…and I got sunburned mostly at horseshows. 

So now I am… well, older… and I have a few wrinkles.  Alright, more than a few.  Way more than I would like to have, that’s for sure.  I wish I’d been more careful.  Or at least more aware!   

Last night I was getting Kiki into bed… prayers and a good night song… when she started playing with the skin on my chest.  I told her “Stop that; don’t play with my wrinkly old skin!”  To which she replied “But it’s cooool!  It’s like… elephant skin!”

Sigh.  As if it isn’t bad enough getting old and wrinkled, we’ve got our kids right there to make sure we never forget it.

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  1. Elephant skin!? I would have screamed inside my mind.

    My mom told me to stay out of the sun when I lived in California – North Bay – for nine years. I loved the warm sun. I don’t have wrinkles, but I do have moles which are caused by the sun.

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