Sunday Sweets ~ Stuff I Like … Matt the Cat


Yeah, I’ll admit it.  I like my cat.  He’s not the sweetest, cuddliest cat I’ve ever had, but he’s better than the cat-from-the-devil we had when we first got married.  This one is awfully funny… not too coordinated…. I think I should make a whole blog about the goofy stuff he does.

We put the towel on the chair because he was always laying there and we didn’t want him to get my favorite chair dirty.  You see how well this worked.

One of his favorite places is on top of a printer.  He’s caused more than one paper jam by trying to attack the paper as it feeds through.

Here he’s listening to the squirrels that lived in the ceiling of our apartment.  Yeah, I know.  But he found it exciting.

He especially likes to get inside of places…

He was quite helpful when we moved… he inspected our boxes –

Inspected them closely

Got inside of everything I was trying to pack –

or on top of what I was trying to pack –

Here he is inside of stuff again…

and on top of… (I needed this to re-wrap my Christmas decor – yeah, he’s real helpful)

disappearing under the curio cabinet –

Then, sleepy, lying in the weirdest position…

Honestly; I am more of a dog person!  But the cat makes for way more interesting pictures!  He keeps me laughing….

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