Sunday Sweets ~ Stuff I Like


Here is what I am wondering today… when does a little collection become an obsession?  At what point – what number, what amount – do you need to just stop?!  I adore little wild bird statues.  I actually like real wild birds, but since I have cats I worry about putting out bird feeders… because, is that just luring the dear little things in so my cats can catch and eat them?  Which would be kinda mean…  So I collect fake birdies.  I didn’t mean to really collect them, I just like them so much that I can’t help buying them when I see one I like.  And now, I have a lot!  Most I can’t show you because they are in storage, but here is a little sampling:

Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s a crummy photo.  But since today’s thing-I-like is all about my little birdies, and since most of my stuff is in storage, this will have to suffice.

I love little birdie things.  They make me smile, and who can’t use a little more happiness?  So, this picture is of a mirror in a mirror, but what I’m trying to show you is the metal bird candleholder, the little metal bird on the mantle, and then off to the right side is a white ceramic bird on a ceramic apple… you can barely see that.

Now, here are a few slightly better pictures… these are actually birds I have gotten since we moved back home, and even tho I tell myself  ~ don’t buy stuff – you’ve nowhere to put it! ~ I still do.  Hey, a couple of them were gifts!  One was even in my Christmas stocking. (Okay, I bought it myself to put in my stocking, but still…)

This little guy I loved so much I actually packed it in my suitcase when we moved from Virginia because I knew I’d want at least a little something to decorate my room until I was able to unpack my household goods.

The little one here I bought because… well, I just had to.  And then Alan bought me the mama to keep the little guy company.

Here is the little crowned bird I bought for my own Christmas stocking….

And then there are the cardinals.  About my favorite thing from Virginia.  One I bought on a trip to visit the inlaws, and the other my sister gave me at Christmastime. 

 The whole little flock….. (on a piece of furniture to be featured in another week’s Sunday Sweets!)

What sort of thing do you have way too many/much of?

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