(It’s not)Sunday Sweets ~ Stuff I Like


Since I forgot to post Sunday I thought I’d add a quick one today – these aren’t really good photos…. but here they are anyway.

I like Quail.  They are adorable and strange.  I love their funny little top-knotches. They hardly ever fly but they run like mad.  When they cross the street they go single file, so sometimes it takes them 5 whole minutes to get to the other side.  There is a large…uhm, flock?… in our neighborhood.  Wait – I think a group of quail is called a covey…. maybe?  Anyway, this bunch of birds migrates through our yard every day.  They are looking for food, I suppose… I can’t imagine they find much, but it’s enough I guess or they’d go elsewhere.  They particularly like to be under the trampoline out back.  And I don’t know where they sleep at night.  But they are here, every day.  They are pretty skittish, so they are hard to get a good picture of – at least with my camera.  But, here are a few, anyway.  And I discovered, while posting them on here, that as a bonus I got a squirrel in one of the pictures without even trying! Ha!

There are also some pics of them in our crabapple tree.  You hardly ever see them up in trees, they are more of a ground bird, but they were really enjoying the tiny little fruits still in the tree.  The pictures are really poor quality, but I thought I’d toss them in here anyway.  Cause these birds are just cute.

OH!  I learned how to do a slideshow!  Huh.  But I don’t know how to have one set above and one set below without having all the pictures in all the places… oh, well, live and learn.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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