Groundhog Day!


One of the (few) things I miss from our time living in Virginia are the groundhogs.  Dang, those little buggers are soooo cute! Everytime we saw one, Kiki and I wanted to go give it a big sqwuunch.  Didn’t really figure they’d like it much, tho, so we never gave it a go.

We have rockchucks here… kind of look the same, but a lot smaller.  Not quite so sqwuuchable looking, somehow.

Love the movie!

Happy Groundhog Day!  Hope your winter is short!

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  1. Hey…. well, lookie – here you are!!! Who knew?? So glad you dropped by and commented on my blog. I’d totally lost track of you!

    Now…. what did I miss? What’s this about “one of the things you miss from Va”… did you move back? Oh I gotta get busy catching UP! lol

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