Tuesday Travelogue ~ Places I’ve gone



Matt the cat does not enjoy traveling.  I wouldn’t take him under normal circumstances… but we were moving, so he kind of had to come for the ride.


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately; blogs written by people who seem to have far more exciting lives than I do.   You know the ones ~ they pack up their lives in Boringville, USA and move to France, or Africa, or the South Pacific…. interesting, cool places.  Or at least they get to travel to exotic places.  Me; not so much.  But then, I was thinking… I have moved across the country; I have lived in 5 states…. I have seen alot of the United States, even if a lot of it was only a view from a car!  

So… I was thinking – I enjoy seeing pictures from all over the country and around the world.  Maybe those pictures are just a place in your own back yard, so to speak, but they are probably somewhere I’ve never been, and I like seeing them.  So maybe there is one of you out there that might enjoy seeing some of the places I’ve been, even if they are in my own back yard!

 Today’s offering:  Multnomah Falls, Oregon.  This is one of our must-stops whenever we go “over the river and thru the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…”  This particular trip was in the winter, so the falls were all iced over… it was absolutely gorgeous!  We ate in the Lodge, which is old and really cool.  Plus they have really yummy food!  (I thought I had pics of the interior, but those must be on my old computer… darn new laptop….)  You can hike all the way to the top… but not when it’s icy, so I lucked out and didn’t have to.  🙂

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