Monday Munchies ~ What we’re eating


I’m thinking that I will try to do a “Food Theme” on Mondays… because …. well, just because!  Maybe it will help me feel better about what we’re having to do, if I put it out there. I’ve said we’re doing this “healing diet” and that basically means all sugar – and anything that quickly turns to sugar, like most white things (white flour, white rice, potatoes, etc.) have to be cut out in the beginning.  Eventually I think we can add most things back in, within reason… and believe me, sugar was something I was eating beyond the scope of all reason previously! 

The down side ~ It’s boring.  I like sugar.  A lot.  And I am not a chef by any stretch of the imagination, so trying to create meals in an entirely new way is not fun for me.  Some might like the challenge.  I might like some ice cream.

The up side ~ In the week since we started this, my husband has lost 7 pounds, our daughter lost 6, and I lost 5.  (Of course, me being the one with the most to lose – by a long shot – lost the least.  But 5 lbs. in a week is nothing to sneeze at!)

I have to admit that the thing that made Kiki and I happiest was the chocolate chips we found!  Yay!!  Chocolate!!  They are sugar-free but with a type of sweetener that is an acceptable natural substitute, not a chemical additive.   So I made chocolate chip brownies.  They aren’t so amazingly delicious that I’d choose them over “real” brownies… but when you don’t really have that choice, they are a reasonable sweet substitute.   (Tonight, tho, I am making whipping cream to go with them.. that will up the yum factor.)

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