Iced latte… it’s not horrid, but it’s not a mocha!


 Well, I haven’t caved yet.  Still eating “ultra healthy”… at least in one group’s opinion.  Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?  You know, how “they” tell you that something is what you should eat, only to have “them” tell you a year later that you should never eat that??   Geez, how are we supposed to know?!  I really wonder if my current deal is really the right deal… time will tell, I guess….

Anyway, Kiki and I went out shopping today, just for fun.  We really, really wanted someting yummy to eat while we were out and about, but we behaved ourselves.    What we did get were iced lattes.  Generally, I am a mocha kind of girl.  Or at least a flavored latte… oooh, like almond!   But any form of sugar is out (and no, ‘sugar-free’ syrup has never been an option for me… I can’t stand that chemical stuff.)  So plain old lattes it was.  It wasn’t bad… when you’ve had no sugar at all, the sugar in the milk is kind of alright… No.  Actually, I’d really, really have rather had a mocha.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel??

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