State of the Union Address


This is me.  Cranky.  Chewin’ on my own self ’cause I am so hungry.

Holey crap.  They’re all watching it.  Opa, Oma, Alan.  Not me, though.  Not Kiki.  Ugh, booooring.  I know, I should be more of a grown-up, eh?  Sorry, but I don’t care for our current POTUS.  And it has nothing to do with his genetics.  It’s his politics I don’t care for.  And this is NOT a political blog, so don’t be leaving me nasty comments on why he is the best ever.  We just have to agree to disagree.  And it’s my blog and I don’t have to put up with it – ha!  Okay, I’ll admit it… tonight I am sick, we just started a new diet so I’m hungry, therefore I am cranky.  He’s probably not all bad.  Maybe.

What has irritated me – no, I’m not watching, but I can hear it! – is that he has said at least half a dozen times or more that “the current financial crisis is over”… the recession is over?  Really?  When did that happen??  Because it’s not over here.  Not where I live, not at all.  I guess he hasn’t been paying attention to my state.  Because we still can’t find jobs.  We still have to live with mom and dad.  We can still barely afford to put gas in our car.  The value of homes here is pathetic. 

Ah, dang.  If only I could have a cookie, I would feel much more optimistic!

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