Why do 10 year olds have insomnia?


Here is what I think… it must be normal.  Simply a stage children go through as they develop.  How did I come up with this (completely unscientific and possibly unfounded) theory?  This bit of brilliance in parenting?  Web searches.  Yep, that’s right, web searches.  See, years ago (about 3 to be exact, back when my own daughter was a 10 year old) I blogged about how she was having trouble sleeping, how she seemed to have insomnia. Well, in the three weeks or so since I moved this blog to WordPress, I have noticed something really interesting… on the ‘dashboard’ page there is a spot that tells you the sorts of things people have searched for that got them to click on your blog… and by far, the search that has directed the most traffic to my blog is something along the lines of  “why does my 10 year old have insomnia?”  Okay, so it’s really weird, but I’m thinking that if my daughter had that trouble at that age, and it seems a whole lot of other parents are searching for answers to that question, well, it must be a pretty common occurance.  My own daughter just grew out of it; it lasted a few stressful months and then life moved on. 

  So, on that premise I am going to say to you, parent of a 10 year old insomniac, who got to this blog from a web seach – your kid is okay.  In fact, probably pretty normal.  Try to get some rest for yourself if you can, and I bet in not too long of awhile, you will all be sleeping soundly!

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