A little too quiet


It’s a quiet, foggy day here.  Fog always makes me feel a little claustraphobic (kinda like living in Virginia did.. too many trees).  Yesterday afternoon we sent Kiki off on the bus to winter camp.  She’ll be gone until Monday afternoon.  It’s weird having her away for so long.  Not that I mind a little peace, but still….

Alan is watching the Steelers.  He was originally irritated with their “moronic” playing, but aparently they are doing better now, because he is whoopin’ and hollering “YES!!”   Don’t ask me; I’ve been trying to understand the game for years and I still think it’s too stupid of a game to waste time on.  But he and Oma enjoy watching it, so whatev.  More power to ’em, eh?

I think I’ll go bake some cookies… that is something I understand the point of!


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    • Well, I hope I understand your question well enough to give you a good answer! This camp is a church camp – my daughter is in the junior high school youth group at our church. They take the kids to a mountain retreat center (usually a place that runs year round camps for whatever group wants to rent the place). There are summer camps as well as winter camps; of course winter ones are shorter since they have school to get back to! They do stuff like worship, Bible study, and hang out with their friends. The purpose is to deepen your relationships with God and with your friends. I hope that helps you understand!

  1. Yes, thanks…we have church camps here too, and school camps. The question was really about the long summer camps – I just can’t imagine sending my children to camp for weeks on end, but understand that’s the norm in the States…

    • OH! I see what you mean. Well, I grew up in the West, and I never knew anyone who went to camp for more than a week… myself included. But I have seen movies like “Parent Trap” where the kids are in camps that go most of the summer! I thought that was sooo weird! Then, we moved to Virginia for about a year and a half…. our first time ever living on the East Coast – and, guess what! Some of the families we met? Yep, they had kids who went to camps for weeks at a time! I asked about it, but no one seemed to understand why I didn’t ‘get’ it…. so, I can’t explain it to you! I guess it’s an Eastern US thingie. As for me, personally, I can’t imagine my child being away that long either – one week seems pretty long to me!

  2. Thanks for that…it’s a great answer, pleased we’re on the same page there. I think we (whole population 4.5 mill) or me anyway, forget what a huge country the States is – and of course you have more variation…the problem the rest of us (out here) have is that pop culture is portrayed as reality. Thanks for taking the time…

    • Yeah, that’s a funny thing, isn’t it?! How a Country can be so wrongly portrayed by pop culture? Or, at least, maybe it does sort of show how some parts of the country are, but not others… you’re right, the US is so different from one area to another! I have lived in California, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Virginia. Moving to the East felt like moving to a foreign country it’s so different there! Maybe that’s one good thing we get out of blogging – some insights into other people’s lives and cultures, right? Thanks for the questions!

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