More Crafty Christmas gifts…. Cigar Box UpCycle (repurpose)


I have this love affair with cigar boxes.  My grandpa smoked them (and pipes), my dad smokes them (and pipes), my husband smokes them.  (I’ve even smoked a few, but let’s keep that our little secret, okay?) Actually, I have a love affair with boxes in general.  I have this feeling that if only I had enough boxes – for, let’s say, everything – then my life would be organized.  No more of the clutter and chaos that seems to define my life.  I’ve never gotten to totally test this, as Alan isn’t buying this theory, so I’ve never, ever had enough boxes.  But, I still cling to the hope!

Again with the fact that we were next to broke this Christmas, I came up with the idea of painting cigar boxes for my daughter and each of my younger nieces and my nephew.  Since everyone needs a box.  Today I posted pics just of the one I made my daughter.  I painted and repainted and repainted (I can’t paint a straight line to save my soul) so finally I just had to yell “STOP” and call it good.  One really cool thing is that I had this great necklace to give her that was a silver key – that nearly perfectly matched the funny little decorative key I put out with the box!  I added a whole lot of bling to it, you know, lovin’ the shiny and all… and it came out pretty.  And she likes it.  So that’s good enough.

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