Narnia picture blocks… a Christmas gift


(I haven’t really figured out how to do the pics on here the way I want them… to see them better, you can clik on the first one then run thru them all…. thanks!  I’ll figure it out eventually…)

I decided I would quit griping about people and post a couple pictures of some gifts I made this Christmas.  My daughter is a HUGE Chronicles of Narnia fan, current movie included.  (We’ve seen it twice; once was a party of 6 girls we took to the midnight premier!)  Most of her Christmas gift wishes were “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” merchandise…. which, aparently, doesn’t exist in any large numbers!  We found a few things, but only a few.  Not to mention we have no jobs and no money, so this caused me to be a little more creative in my gift giving.

My daughter doesn’t really have a room of her own right now.  She has her own bed and wardrobe in a room full of other furniture that belongs to my parents.  I don’t expect them to put their furniture into storage so Kiki can have her own space, and yet I feel bad that she can’t really arrange or decorate a space of her own.  We’ve gone with posters (easy to put up, easy to take down)  and she has 6 Narnia posters up.  I thought it might be cool to make her some Narnia inspired artwork that she could set on top of her wardrobe or in the windowsill, but still use later when she finally gets her own room again.

Opa cut out the blocks from a 4×4, my husband stained them, then I decopauged pictures on them from a color-illustrated paperback copy of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  (That was the hard part; cutting up a book.  I adore books and I found this hard to do.)   After I did that, Alan decided I should also put some words on them… so I put words and more pics on the backside of each block.  The front sides I carefully tore the paper; the backsides are just cut  (because my hubby cut out the pages and didn’t leave me enough room… non-crafter!)  Last of all I varnished them with a glitter-varnish… ’cause I loves the sparkle!!

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