Hey! Over here! Look!


Alright!  There, made ya look!

So, I’m feeling desperate about getting some ‘views’ on my blog …not sure why, since it’s been ages since my blog was “popular”… and that was by ‘Windows Live Spaces’ standards, so that probably isn’t saying so much.  Still, there was a time I tracked all my views and who had seached for me, and I loved when lots of people were reading my blog.  (In fact, I had rather grand plans of becoming so popular I could make a living off of it… but then I suppose my content would have to be waaay more interesting…. still,  a girl can dream).   Which is weird when you consider my blog is sort of just like a diary, and didn’t we all get really pissed off when anyone snuck in and read our diary?  So, yeah.  But…hey… make me happy.  Read my blog.  Come back tomorrow.  Bring a friend.  I’ll try to find something interesting to say!



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  1. I’m here! Didn’t know you had made the transistion and, now that I’ve subscribed, will follow your every word, Ann!

    I can’t believe your daughter is a teenager now!

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