What was I thinking?? (or, why my husband called me the Cat-Whisperer)


There has been this stray cat in the neighborhood.  I always say “hey” to him, but he always runs off like a shot from a cannon… I’ve never gotten more that a full street width near to him… until a couple nights ago.  I was out in the driveway, getting into the car, when suddenly he is yelling at me from the field next door.  At first I heard him but didn’t see him, and I was afraid he’d gotten stuck in my parents’ back shed again (that happened this summer)  – but then I saw him in the headlights of the car, just a few feet away, looking right at me.  I worried that he was stuck or injured or something, because he’d never really shown much interest in me before, but when I walked over to him he ran off a few feet, so I guess he was okay.  I figured maybe he was just really hungry, and maybe he thought since I’d been nice enough to say hello to him maybe I’d feed him.  Which of course I did.  I ran into the garage and grabbed a handful of dogfood, and he practically inhaled it!  Suddenly, I am the cat’s best friend.  The temperature has been down in the single digits at night, so mom and I have been feeling sorry for him anyway…. so we propped open the back door of the shed just a few inches so he could hunker down inside, and we bought some cheap cat food at the market, and I thought he’d do whatever it was he had been doing, except perhaps be grateful for a meal and place to get out of the weather.

Well, think again! All these months of avoiding me, and suddenly he realizes he’s been lonely and really needs some human love… every time I walked out the door today, that guy was all over me.  (Yeah, too bad he’s just a cat, eh?!)  I figured – wrong again – that he’d hang out by the shed maybe, but he’s been right up on the back porch, meowing to get in… or get me to come out….   Criminy, it’s driving the dogs and our own cat nutty, that guy hanging out there!  It’s just past midnight now, and he’s out there again.  I guess he knows I’m still up.  He’s right outside my parents bedroom, I hope he hasn’t awakened them!   I was worried that my folks might be irritated that I started this whole mess, but Alan reminded me that MOM bought the cat food and propped the shed door open, and then tonight, my dad actually let the cat come into his workshop!

Shoot,  they are as big of suckers for a poor animal in need as I am!  Should be interesting to see what happens over the next few days as the dogs try to reclaim their backyard….

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  1. lol I can SO relate!
    There’s been a stray in my neck of the woods for about 3 years – he’d avoid me like the plague, but come running if he heard me shaking some dry food for him.
    After all that time, he decides he likes me (and ONLY me) He tries to shred my dog when I take him (the dog) out front. He hisses at my cat through the window. He tries to scratch my kids and husband. But he loves me. They’re all irritated at me because I put a cat cube bed out front when the weather turned really cold so he had somewhere warm to sleep (since he had made my patio home base anyhow)
    Now, I look out the window in the morning and there he is, crouched by the front door just waiting for me to come feed or pet him. Why are we such suckers for animals?

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